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07 March 2012

This and That

1.  37 weeks today, party people!  Full-effing-term!  Pretty freaky that from any point on we could just, like, have a baby.  Guess I'd better get that carseat installed, huh?  And that hospital bag packed.  And those meatballs made to put in the freezer.  Shoot.  Still too much crap to do.

2.  Had an ultrasound on Friday and the boy was weighing in at 7 lbs. 3 oz., which was only like a week ahead.  And his head was only measuring a week ahead, which was comforting since at our last ultrasound his head was measuring 3 weeks ahead.  I mean, I've got a strong body and all, but I don't want to split in half.  It's freaky to look at clothes in his closet and be all, "Oh, he could just wear this, like, right now."  Man oh man.  Oh, and the boy's in the perfect position for being born, so that's nice.  Also nice that he's following directions at such an early age.

3.  We had the most fun weekend ever.  Really it deserves its own post, but I'm lazy and uncomfortable because I'm full of a fetus and about 4,000 calories worth of food right now, so I'll do it later.

4.  United States of Tara is our new favorite ellipting show.  It's on Netflix instant, and you might need to watch it.

5.  I need Mad Men to come back RIGHT NOW.  RIGHT NOW!  There's not enough Don Draper in my life.  (Matt quit smoking and I can't have bourbon in the middle of the day anymore.)

6.  Feeling like a horrible (which I just accidentally typed out whorrible--uh, hi there, Mr. Freud) person because I totes missed the 100th birthday of one of my all-time faves: the Oreo.  WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD?  Happy birthday, sweet Oreo.  Also, if I don't get a package of these birthday cake Oreos I'm going to have a tantrum.

7.  Back in the Day Bakery cookbook came out yesterday, but I'm waiting until Saturday to buy my copy from the bakery itself and see if I can't get it signed.  Can't wait to thumb through those pages and get my shiny book all covered in flour and baking messes!  Oh, and speaking of the cookbook, you should probably read Cheryl Day's interview about it here.  My favorite part is about their wedding.

8. Finally, I guess you're just dying to see what I look like full-term.  Here's a picture of me jumping.

I'm really into wearing black and white lately.  It's so early '90s.

25 February 2010

Serial Killer Whale

A phone conversation with my brother, Jordan:

Me: Oh man, did you hear about that whale at Sea World who killed that woman?

Jordan: Yeah man. And that whale has been involved in the deaths of like three other people, too.

Me: Really?

Jordan: Yeah, saw it on the news.



Me: Did you hear me? I said, "It's a SERIAL KILLER WHALE!" I feel like you're not acknowledging how funny my joke was just now.

Jordan: Yeah, I heard it.

[more silence]

Even though this was over the phone, I know the face he was making. It was this one.

And that's part of what brothers are for, isn't it? To tell you when your jokes aren't funny--or at the very least to refuse to laugh.


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