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22 July 2012


Hey hey!  More to come later when we return to our most humble abode.  We are taking Sir Charles and King Mitch on a tour of the mid-Atlantic, on a trip loaded with swimming and chillaxin' and eating and seeing old friends.

Oh, how I love these boys!

28 December 2011


Well, you haven't heard about our Christmas yet because we were on a super top-secret trip (well, top-secret to Matt's mom) to Virginia.  We left  home on Thursday night, drove through the night, and surprised Matt's mom by standing (probably somewhat creepily) at the foot of her bed when she woke up Friday morning.

And for the next four days we shopped and ate and cooked and were spoiled rotten and and saw old friends and put together Barbie townhouses (damn you, elevator!) and basically did experiments to see just how much food the ol' human body could consume without actually exploding.

Right now, after sitting in the car for most of the day yesterday with soaking wet, cold jeans and a dog who would only rest if he could also steal my pillow and blanket, I feel like this.

But I'm working to muster up the energy to ellipt, and the I will reward myself with a trip to Target, because I haven't been to my home Target in like 5 days and I miss my favorite cashier and I have gift cards to use and I think I'm in dire need of a pair of work pants that won't put a giant dent in my child's head.

So, what about you?  How was your Christmas?  What'd you do?  What'd you get?

27 July 2011

Back with a Vengeance

That title probably made you think that I'm mad.  I'm not mad.  Well, not angry mad.  Crazy mad, maybe.  Who cares?  I'm off topic already.

Anyway, we're back from our little summer trip.  It was just delightful.  We chillaxed, and ate at every chain restaurant that we don't have at home (judge away), and shopped, and ice creamed, and gambled (super poker-playin' Matt won $600!), and talked, and swam, and drank, and laughed, and went for boat rides, and watched HGTV (a must when visiting Matt's parents--Matt's dad's commentary alone makes it worthwhile), and almost got attacked by a swarm of bees a la Macaulay Culkin's character in My Girl.*

Here's what it looked like.

 Malted milk ice cream, this time with chocolate malt powder.  Out of control.

 Got to see Matt's old roommate, Brad, who has a good job and is handsome and looking for a wife.  Ladies?  Anyone?  He's funny, too!

Anyone?  He's really funny!  And important!

 Mitch loves it when he can run around outside sans leash.  So do I.

 Buffalo chicken tender night.

I like to torment Matt's younger brother by taking 100 pictures of him at a time.  He loves it, I'm pretty sure.

 When Mitch is on vacation, he refuses to eat dog food.  Only treats and steak.  Spoiled dog.

 Been eating grilled cheese sandwiches like it's my job.

Boat ride = happy pup.

I know you've probably been feeling a void in your heart since we haven't been updating much, but have no fear.  I've got recipes and some house stuff and some rants about MTV shows on their way.  Stay tuned!

*My Girl is the second movie that made me cry like a baby.  The first was The Land Before Time.  Poor Littlefoot!

19 April 2011

Oh, What Happened?

Okay, so I have a quick minute here to share something kind of fantastic with you.  Grandma and I have a big list of errands to tackle on my last full day in the ABQ (I mean, I haven't even met a meth cooker yet), so I can't share too much right now.

BUT!  I was just showing her how to use the scanner (why are scanners so awesome?) and we used this as our first picture.

Oh yes, that's me and my kid brother Jordan circa 1985.  And it makes me very, very happy.  I don't think kids get much cuter than Jordan was.

But time has been cruel, hasn't it?


18 April 2011

The ABQ So Far. . .

So, I've been here in Albuquerque since Saturday night.  After a turbulent couple of plane rides (seriously, I had my barf bag ready to go) that included free wine and many a honey-roasted peanut, I finally made it.

 Coming in for landing near the Sandia Mountains.

The only bad thing about arriving in Albuquerque was that I had to bid adieu to my two plane buddies, Vincent the estate lawyer and Steve the science teacher.  If you're in the last group to board the plane and you must sit between two strangers, well, it doesn't get much better than a 61-year old lover of tech gadgets who listens to Slate podcasts and a fellow teacher who bumps around the country in his Volkswagon camper during breaks from school.

From left: Vincent, a very swollen Mandy (I look like a tick!), and Steve.

Since being here I've eaten about seven times as much as a normal human should, but I've somehow avoided becoming too drunk and obnoxious.

This sandwich was much larger and much more delicious than I anticipated.

I drove a brand new car.

Uncle Greg's new ride.

And I learned to make Grandma's Famous Corn Fritters (recipe coming soon). 

I met a woman named Punkin (not the one from Flavor of Love).

And I've had lots of time to relax with my grandparents, and learn more about their lives and to talk and chat and kvetch and laugh.  It's been pretty swell, if I do say so myself.

Oh, and the altitude is killing me a wee bit.  Apparently, because Albuquerque is 6,000 feet above sea level, it's a little tough to breathe for us sea-level dwellers.  So I've been a little tired.  Actually, it could be the altitude, or it could be the fact that I'm basically a sloth.  Shoot.

Oh, also, I packed kind of haphazardly because I might have consumed too much wine on Friday night.  And in my frenzied Saturday morning packing, I forgot to bring my anti-frizz hair stuff.  I figured I'd just buy some at a store once I arrived.  But--BUT!--I don't have to, because Albuquerque has like zero percent humidity.  So I'll basically have soft Pantene-commerical movie star hair for the duration of the visit.  Shoot yeah!

Side note:

I made Grandma and Grandpa take the Myers Brigg personality test.  Grandma is an ESFJ, and Grandpa is an ESTJ.  Basically, they're just one letter away from being the same person!  I am an ENTJ, which means that I'm just one letter away from being him, and it's not all that surprising.  I mean, we even have matching shoes.

Oh, and I'm not sure where to fit this in, but was Granpa a looker or what?  (He's the one in the middle.)

Well, we're off for more sightseeing and eating and shopping.  Hope you're enjoying your Monday!

17 January 2011

Seventh Annual Florida Vacation!

This weekend we trekked down to Ft. Lauderdale to visit Matt's godfather, my soulmate, and Matt's parents.  This year was the seventh year that we've made the trip, and it's one of our favorite times of the year.  It's not dramatic or super exciting, which is exactly why we love it.  (I wrote about it more last year.) 

This year's trip was more of the same (which is awesome because we love the same), except that we won a little less in poker and I got to visit with another friend who recently moved to South Florida.  It was so great to be with friends and family, and our annual Ft. Lauderdale trip always reminds me how fortunate I am to have such wonderful people in my life.

Here are some pictures from the trip, bookended by pictures of Sir Mitchell (who elected not to go and instead stayed home with his best friend).

 Rabid wolves left behind to guard the house



Matt's parents still hate having their pictures taken, so here's another one of them
from when they were younger. 

Soulmate loves it when we hold hands with interlocking fingers.  Loves it. 

 Why is it so fun to watch turtles? 

Mitch and his new rat baby.

And now we've got a four-day week.  Shoot yeah! 

How was your weekend?

15 January 2011


You haven't heard much from us lately because Matt and I are currently hours from home, relaxing in a tropical paradise.  Don't fret; we'll be back in a few days.

Also, don't try to rob our house, because there's someone there, and she's armed and dangerous.  Also, the house is currently guarded by wolves with rabies. 

18 September 2010

I Disagree with You, but I'm Pretty Sure You're Not Hitler.

Hey, are any of our Virginia or Maryland friends planning to attend Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity?

I have the following Monday off, and I'm wondering if we here at M Cubed should head north to visit with friends and hold up funny signs. 


06 August 2010

Who Knew New Jersey Was So Nice?

When we were in New York City (which I like to say the way the old ladies did on those old Pace Picante salsa commercials), Matt and I stayed in a one-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side.  It was pretty cool because it was only about six blocks from Central Park, and Matt and I enjoyed being pretend New Yorkers for a couple of days.

And because we had a small (very small!) kitchen in the apartment, we thought it wise to bring a bag of pantry staples.  Matt and I don't normally eat out all that much in our regular life (too expensive and too bad for us), and by Wednesday of last week, day four of vacation, I felt like a big swollen sack of salt and grease because we'd eaten out for almost every meal.  Enter the pantry staples.  I really loved having the kitchen because it allowed us to eat one of our very favorite simple meals, pasta with butter and parmesan cheese, not just once, but twice that day.  So we saved between $80-100, and I found myself one step closer to having my wedding rings fit again.

We had to check out of the apartment on Thursday morning, drive across town (six miles and an hour and a half) to Brooklyn to drop our stuff off at Best Friend's "apartment" before heading to the Mets game.  We returned there after the game, and got to hang out with Best Friend and his good friend Kensie for a couple of hours before leaving the city life.

Let me tell you something about Best Friend.  He's completely in his element in Brooklyn.  He and his friend started their own farm, A Moveable Garden, where they grow organic produce and then sell it to the fancy restaurants around the city.  Best Friend moved to New York and became a farmer.  And he and Kensie, who have been friends for years and years and years, are essentially an old married couple now.  They live together in Kensie's studio space (Kensie is an artist, and is apparently quite good. I know nothing about art.), give each other tattoos when they get bored (Seriously.  Matt says they both look like they go the the funniest, most ironic prison.), and cook amazing meals on a hot plate.  They sleep on cots and don't have air conditioning.  And you know what?  I've never seen them happier. 

(left, Best Friend.  right, Kensie.  I stole this from Best Friend's Facebook.)

And then we left for our next destination, our friend Trina's house in the country in New Jersey.  We decided to leave New York at 5:30 p.m. via the Holland Tunnel, which took approximately 2 hours, after that is was only another hour to Trina's house. I don't know that we'd ever been so happy to see corn fields or to drive on quiet country roads as we were that day.  Trina's house was peaceful and nice, and Missy joined us the next evening.  It was great to just sit around and catch up with old friends. 

And there was Jonas, Trina's 6-month old Chocolate Lab.  Matt and I had been going through dog withdrawal, and we immediately fell in love with Jonas. 

Jonas also has a dog cousin named Toby.  Toby is perhaps the fattest dog I've ever seen in real life.

Both dogs had great personalities (though we were partial to Jonas), and it warmed my heart to be able to cuddle with a pup after a few days without my dogson Mitchell. 

Our time in Jersey was quiet and relaxed, but fun.  We ate cheeseburgers and hot dogs and talked and laughed and played Apples to Apples and basically just enjoyed being reunited with our old friends, Missy and Trina. 

Missy was supposed to introduce us to her new boyfriend Derek, but he was conveniently busy that night (read: she has invented this Derek).  The next day she disappeared for a while, and then showed up at Applebees with a very nice young man who claimed that his name was Derek.  Yeah, okay.  Nice try, Missy.


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