08 February 2014


You should know, first, that I am writing this post because I don't want to deal with this massive pile sitting atop my damned ottoman.  It's so cliche, but, fuck, man. . .laundry.

We haven't talked in like two weeks!  Well, shoot.  Well, let me fill you in, then.

It was supposed to snow, but it didn't.  But we did get ice and I did get an early dismissal, a day off of school, and an unexpected teacher three-hour delay/teacher workday.  And it was right when Matt's parents were coming to visit!  So that was supes fun and we had an amazing visit and it was incredible.

And then the week that followed sucked balls.  Oh, car troubles, a full work week (the horror!), PMS, and whiny kiddies, both of the baby and teenage variety.  There were some bright spots to be sure, but the week was mostly marked by suckiness and me being fussy and snapping at Matt when he criticized the way I make Annie's Mac & Cheese.

So there's not really anything for me to share that's noteworthy, other than some sage advice to you:

1.  If you find yourself in a position where you need to buy a car on a budget, don't buy that car from someone who you describe to your friends as being like Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.  Take two steps back, think about it, and move on.  Jesse was kind of shady, remember that?  So, yeah, consider me your own personal human-sized Eastern meditation rat or something.

2.  Make Smitten Kitchen's browned butter rice crispy treats.  They will change your life.  Maybe in the way that your life changes when you have to buy pants in the next size up, but still.

Um, you're welcome.

Picture time!


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