25 April 2013


Our baby lady finally arrived!

And she's perfect.  And we are complete.


16 April 2013

To Do

Ugh.  That "have baby" task has been on my little Remember the Milk to do list since April 7.  It mocks me. I don't want to be overly complainy or anything (at least on the internet--call me on the phone and you'll get an earful about how I'm 79 weeks pregnant and I want my body to belong to me again and how much it hurts and OHMYGODGETTHISTHINGOUTOFME).  Last night I was 90% sure I was in labor.  And then I wasn't.  As a result, I haven't been terribly pleasant today.

And then everything just gets thrown into perspective, doesn't it?  Am I really going to sit around and cry because I might have to be pregnant until my due date?  Or because I might have to have a safe surgery (that I still really don't want to have, by the way)?  Seeing and hearing the stuff about Boston has sure helped to provide a much-needed attitude adjustment.  

The baby isn't happening today.  But neither is the shower--let's be honest.  And I'll probably whine and get Matt to vacuum.  But we are safe and happy and have much to be grateful for.

Like a young Jon Hamm, who, thank God, was not one of my peers.  Because if he had been, I would have died every day.

And baby sunglasses.

And this boy, who is going to make a fantastic big brother.

And a husband who brings home tacos at midnight.  Those are the best kinds of husbands.  I'm out.  These tacos aren't going to eat themselves.

09 April 2013

This and That

1.  So, this little female fetus of ours is already disobedient, and likely a little obstinate (did we expect anything less?).  As you might remember, I decided that baby girl could go ahead and be born on April 7.  And if you've looked at a calendar lately, you might notice that April 7 has come and gone, and I have not yet managed to evict her from my body.  Do I need a judge or something?

2.  Probably not a good thing that I bought three bags of Cadbury milk chocolate eggs when they went on sale after Easter.  Except that it's an awesome thing because OMG they are so good and who cares.  Fat is the new black, right?

3.  My feet are so swollen right now that my flip flops don't fit.  See above.

4.  Best David Letterman guest of all time?  Regis Philbin.  Trust me on this.  I know handsome old dudes.

5.  Charlie is still supes cute, and a little bit insane, and a lot hilarious.  Oh, and he walked!  It was awesome.  I imagine that he'll get a little better at it in time.

6.  Hell yeah, return of Mad Men!

7.  Oh, I did a dresser for our girl!  Maybe I'll give you an entire post about it so I don't seem like the laziest blogger of all time.

8. Someone get this baby out of my body.

9.  How's April 10 sound for a baby girl's birthday?

10.  My doctor said he won't come by our house for a home water birth.  I'm supposed to put bath salts in the kiddie pool, right?  That's basically as good as an epidural, I heard on Pinterest.

I think I need to go to bed now.  But first I'm going to make you look at some pictures of Charlie while he's still an only [human] child.  And one of Mitch.

04 April 2013

Calm Before the Storm

So it's spring break, and this year spring break also serves as a kickoff to maternity leave for me (thank you, severe pelvic pain?), and I am feeling surprisingly content.  It doesn't hurt that the weather has been amazing, and apparently my mood and general attitude toward life hinge on whether or not the weather is nice.  Getting to sit in my (clean!!!) living room with the windows open and a slight breeze coming in is often enough to bring my mood up by approximately 30 notches.  And slowing crossing off every task from our "must do before baby" list also makes me happy.   There's really not much left for us to do before our little lady arrives.  Matt and I have been spending our days taking turns napping, really, and then wondering how it got to be 3:00 in the afternoon so quickly.  We've remarked to one another several times this week that it feels weird not to be completely effing exhausted.  And while I feel like I should be spending my time in more productive ways, sleeping is probably the best thing I can be doing with my spare time right now.  If only sleep was something that you could stockpile and then cash in on days when you really feel like you need it.  Can some science person make this happen?

I have all of these things that I've been meaning to blog about, like how I miss the simple days of Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise just being hot and not crazy, and how obsessed I am with our new Rubbermaid Reveal mop (like, to the point where people interrupt me as I go on about it and ask, "Are you like a mop salesman now or something?")*, or about how you should go read the obituary for Harry Stamps and then try to even pretend that you don't wish that he was your best friend, or about how my brother came down to visit with his awesome girlfriend and her daughter and it was hella fun, or about how I've decided (since it's apparently not up to me as much as I'd like to think it is) that baby lady can come on April 12 instead of April 7 because April 12 is David Letterman's birthday.  Oh, and how I turned 32 and how did that even happen that I got so old (see, also: fat)?  And how much I love tulips and how they remind me of JMU in the spring.

Who knows when this girl will claw her way out of me?  For now, I'm trying to enjoy these days with my three boys (can't even think about Charlie losing only child status without starting to cry myself) and to eat as many popsicles as possible (three for dinner--that's not crazy, right?).  Sometime in April (it better be April, or Imma hurt someone!) shit will hit the fan again (hopefully just in a metaphorical sense, but, really, anything can happen, right?) and I'll be wishing that someone had invented that sleep bank.

Here's what it's looking like around here.  Or, should I say, here's what Charlie's looking like around here?

*Seriously!  Go get one!  Washable pads!  Super convenient!  Use whatever solution you want!  Amazing!


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