11 January 2016

Peace Out, Blog Lyfe!

Hey!  Look at that!  It's me!

So, I'm basically just writing this because I haven't written anything lately other than essay feedback and recommendation letters, and it bugged me that I left my blog without an official closing post.  Let's call this one the official closing post.

What's new?  SO MUCH.  Matt starts grad school tomorrow.  I am thriving at work.  The kids are great, but hard as fuck.  Mitch died.

I think one reason I couldn't come back to this blog was that Mitch's name was in the name of the blog, and how could I keep it going when he was sick and then gone?  True fact: I did not deal with his death well.  I mean, I didn't try to jump off a bridge or anything, but I basically cried about it every day for six months, and then every three days for another six.  Now the crying about Mitch is usually just something that happens every so often or after I've had too many glasses of wine or after the children have been particularly unpleasant and I wish he was around to balance it out.  But he had cancer and we had to put him to sleep and it was just awful.  But I'm at a place now where I'm happy he had the best dog life ever and that I had a furry soulmate.  Do the pangs of sadness still come?  Yep.  (Like now that I'm talking about it, for instance.)  But they're fewer and farther between, and as my boyfriend Joe said, the day will come when the thought of him will bring a smile to my face before it brings a tear to my eye.

As for the kids, they're just the coolest.  If you want to know more about them, you should just follow me on Instagram.  I'm mandypkeaton.  I'm still figuring out what I want to share about the kids online, how much of what goes on these days is my story and how much is their story, you know?  I figure no harm comes from erring on the side of considering things their story and using restraint (not my strength), so I don't always share every dirty detail of our lives.

Here I am, though.  It's 6 1/2 year after I started this blog just because I had a camera and saw a snake in some bushes.  The time has come.  Peace out, M Cubed.



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