16 May 2013

Hey hey hey.

So Miss Matilda is in a growth spurt which makes her a little crazier than normal (can we say something like "than normal" when talking about someone who's only 3 weeks old?), and I spent a lot of the day preemptively cleaning the house and doing tasks so that tonight when her screaming tapeworm demon reared its ugly head I would be prepared and wouldn't be freaking out because I had to hold her for five or six hours straight when I had tons of other stuff to do.  So right now things are somewhat caught up and clean and I'm all ready to hold that baby--and wouldn't you know it, she's gone back to her "normal" sweet, calm, tired little baby self.

So I decided it was a good time to write a blog post.  Except here's the thing.  I don't have much exciting stuff to talk about.  The babies are good.  It's hard to have two of them when they both need something, but it's not any harder than I expected it to be.  Do I want to scream and throw a fit sometimes when I find myself cleaning the kitchen for a fifth time in a day, and do I want to spout off some cliche mom shit like "why do I even bother cleaning the house?" sometimes?  Yep.  But that was to be expected.  And until I win the lottery and can hire someone to hold babies while I clean (or clean while I hold babies, I suppose--or, hell, do BOTH!), that's what life is going to be like for a while.  Oh well.  I'm trying to savor our moments with these wee ones and enjoy babyhood, even though we all know that babyhood isn't really my thing.

I don't have work drama to share because I haven't been to work in a month and a half (egads!) and because I wouldn't share work drama with you here anyway because I actually like having a job.  And I haven't done any cool home projects (except for Matilda's dresser, have I shown you that yet?) or made any awesome desserts.  I did take a shower today.  And we did cook up some P Cubed for lunch.  And we even went for a walk in our awesome new stroller.  I think those things add up to a pretty big win.

The newest development around these parts is that Charlie is like officially a walking kid.  He'd taken steps like a month or so ago, but never seemed to feel the need to walk because he is basically the fastest crawler on earth.  Then we went to the beach (also, learn from my stupidly overambitious self and don't take a two-week old baby to the beach) and Charlie realized that it didn't hurt nearly as much to walk on the sand as it did to crawl, so he walked.  Just like that.  And every time I try to take pictures of him walking, they come out like this:


I'm enjoying the quiet right now.  While the baby sleeps. . .

And the laundry is mostly done. . .

And the dishes are soaking (my procrastinating strategy to keep from washing them just yet).

And the wine is delicious.  And the Reese's cups were delicious, too. . .

And the pup is cute and snuggly. . .

Later, I will read more of this. . .

And I might even get around to picking up these toys, but probably not.  I mean, why do I even bother cleaning anyway?

  (Note: Matt says that the Fisher Price barn is really Kent Farm, which explains why all of the super heroes are hanging out there.  I always try to make it Animal Farm to teach young Charles about Communism and glue production and whatnot.)

13 May 2013

This and That

1.  Why are Golden Grahams so good?  No, I did not eat a half box of them today.

2.  One thing that's awesome about not being pregnant (FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF TIME!): cleaning with chemicals.  Not that I need to inhale my favorite ammonia and bleach cocktail or anything, but it's nice not to have to feel like I have to hold my breath every time I smell a cleaning product for fear that my kid will grow up to be like some Real World Road Rules Challenge bozo.

3.  I'm a terrible blogger lately.  I know!  But I actually do Instagram pretty regularly right now.  My name is mandypkeaton.  When Charlie was itty bitty, I didn't want to be that person who only posted pictures of their kids on social media.  Sometime in the last year I let go of that bull jive (and even regretted not having more Instagram pictures of him), and decided that if you didn't want to see pictures of these little humans I grew using my body (and the cutest dingo this side of the Mississippi), then you just don't have to follow me.  Right?  And if you do want to see pictures of said tiny humans, there are plenty there for your enjoyment.

4.  Loving Mad Men this season.  What do you think?

5.  Ever since I had Matilda, the fingers on my right hand have been numb.  What's the deal with that?  Super weird.  Who needs hands or fingers, though, amIright?

6.  Charlie walks!  He also rearranges furniture and dances in a way that might make you think he's auditioning for the sequel to Magic Mike.  I have videos of this dance, and am not posting them on the internet. But bet your ass I'm saving them for blackmail!

7.  Matilda's like the sweetest baby ever.  She's super cuddly and cute and sweet and insanely cute.  Charlie has begun to warm to her (he now gives her head pats that are gentle, at least for him, instead of screaming at us every time we pick her up).  Mitch has loved her from the beginning (don't even try to do something to her or he'll bite your face off), but goes under the bed when she cries.  I'm pretty smitten, too.

8.  I want to see The Great Gatsby.  I'm excited because it's Baz and because he's such a spaz and I think he'd do a good job with the party stuff and 1920's New York.  But people who romanticize the bejeezus out of the story are getting on my nerves.  I love the book as much as the next gal--for serious--but let's not lose sight of the fact that almost every single character in the book is a giant asshole.  And the one guy who's not an asshole is a murderer.  So there's that.  Still, I want to see it.  Assholes can be fun.  I think that came out wrong.

9.  I'd been craving those crappy gas station powdered sugar doughnuts since I was pregnant with Charlie.  So, like, for two years I wanted them but never allowed myself to eat them for some reason.  Finally, the other day, I caved and got a bag, thinking that once I actually had them I'd realize that they're crap and I wouldn't want them anymore.  Well, guess what?  Powdered sugar doughnuts are delicious, and I don't care if they're crap or not.  I want them again.

Well, I'm off to go sleep on my stomach!  Amazeballs!

04 May 2013


Just wanted to touch base and let you, the internet, know that we have not, in fact, fallen off of the face of the planet.  It just so happens that having a newborn and a 13-month old is hard and exhausting (who knew, right?) and we're still figuring out how to juggle everything and still manage to sleep every now and again.

We haven't cooked anything new or exciting (though a Chick-Fil-A opened about 5 minutes from our house and it is kind of the most exciting thing that's ever happened), and we haven't been doing a great job keeping up with our television watching. I'm basically doing a great job if I've showered and eaten a meal that was cooked on a stove and if there aren't any babies screaming.  And if you've called and I haven't called you back (which is pretty much the case with anyone who's called in the last week or so), I'm not being a bitch.  But I have lots of phone talkin' time from the hours of midnight to 6 a.m. if you want to talk then!

In short: we're in the shit right now.  It's hard, but it's good.  And we're exhausted, but we're happy.

And, also, I NEVER HAVE TO BE PREGNANT AGAIN FROM NOW UNTIL THE END OF TIME!  Feel free to send me cases of wine for taste testing.


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