26 September 2011

It's a _____!

So, remember how I told you the baby was massive?

Well, last week when we were at our ultrasound, at 12 weeks and 5 days for you detail-oriented folk, Blast was measuring ten days ahead, and I made the comment to Matt that if it was going to be that big, then I hoped it was a boy because I would feel guilty bringing some kind of amazon girl into the world.

And the ultrasound lady--who is amazing, by the way--just whipped her magic little noise wand around and said, "Well, there you go, then."  (Also, she had a pretty thick Southern accent.)  "Oh yeah, there you've got a little penis, and a scrotum. . .Oh, I'm gonna go ahead and call this one."  And then she typed in "It's a boy!!!!"*

Well, I'll be damned!

Cassie spelled out boy on the cake with nuts.  He he he.

Here's the part where I would put up a picture of the goods, but Matt says we shouldn't put that on the internet, and I think that's probably just good life advice.  So here's a picture I stole from the internet instead of a whale and some words.

Anyway, it's a boy.  A giant, hulking boy.  Matt's excited to take him camping and to talk to him about nerdy boy stuff like comic books and Dungeons and Dragons and sports.  I'm excited because I don't have to worry about him getting pregnant or becoming a stripper.

*Truth?  I initially wanted a girl because I have a certain fondness for bitchy older sisters, but when I found out it was a boy I was nothing but happy and excited.  And now, whenever I see a bitchy teenage girl, I just think about how lucky I am to be having a boy.  Plus, our first-born is a boy, so I feel like I know what I'm doing a little more with males.

******Baby, if you are reading this far, far in the future.  I hope you did not become pregnant unless it was part of a really awesome scientific experiment.  Also, be glad that you don't have parents who put naked pictures of you on the internet.  Those people are called child pornographers.******

25 September 2011

Weekend Fun

What a fun couple of days it's been!  Even though the weather was a little more thunderstormy than my favorite pup would like, it's been just lovely and cozy inside.  I'm still trying to fight off the lingering effects of this, the cold from hell, so maybe I drank a couple of gallons of Simply Grapefruit juice?  But it doesn't matter because we had laughs, and bolognese in the freezer, and new fall TV to watch, and good shopping scores, and friends, and a clean house, and enough motivation to knock out a huge stack of essays that absolutely had to be graded by Monday morning.  The laundry's done, the floors are as clean as they're going to be, considering that it's storming outside (and I absolutely refuse to mop when it's raining), the papers graded, and the fridge is full of restaurant leftovers.

Oh, and the Buffalo Bills beat the Patriots, which hasn't happened, apparently, since before the Civil War.  It is, in our household, a VERY BIG DEAL and my husband will tell you over and over again just how big a deal it is.  Oh, and I'm winning my fantasy football league (a league that I've done absolutely nothing for except for check to see if I'm winning--thank you super fantasy football husband!).  

Here's what it looked like.

Raining while the sun is shining.  You know what that means, right?  The devil is beating his wife.  
By the way, who would even marry the devil? 

Getting nervous. 

 At this point I was pretty sure the Bills were going to choke and that Matt was going to be in a 
bad mood for the rest of the night.

Would you look at that?  Pretty cold in hell right now. 

 Most hilarious gang tag vandalism thing.  Oh, you thought it was about lemon and lime?  Well, you were wrong.  
This one's all about hatred and bitterness.

The happiest Bills fan.

Sweet baby gifts from a friend.  Mitch is pretty sure he's going to steal that elephant when the time is right.

Right now I'm off to ellipt whilst watching Amazing Race, and Breaking Bad.  I love fall TV!  I do not love crazy dreams where I am involved with the drug cartel and accidentally to blame for lots of deaths and/or murders.  More on that later.  I blame The Blast.

Happy fall to you!  

22 September 2011

This and That: The With Child Edition

I totes promise that not every post is going to be about this stuff, but I haven't been able to talk about it for two months, so I've got some things to share, some questions to answer.

1.  At first, I was really afraid to sneeze because I thought I'd sneeze out The Blast.  I'm starting to get less afraid of that now.

2.  I really, really, really miss wine and margaritas.  Maybe that makes me a big ol' lush, but I don't care.  When Matt gets a margarita when we go to Mexico, I just huff it and pretend that I am feeling its leg tingling effects.  Then I look down and say something sweet and maternal through gritted teeth along the lines of, "You had better be so smart and so cute."

See you in April, old friend.

3.  Oh, I'm 13 weeks along.  Blast is due on March 28, which is the day after my birthday.  I'm really selfishly afraid that it's going to steal my birthday.  I am shooting for an April 1 birthday because I think that would make for fun future birthday parties, and because I want my birthday to come first.  Also, no, this is not one long joke.

4.  I haven't had morning sickness at all, and I'm hoping that I'm in the clear on that one.  I have been tired as a mofo, but that's pretty much how I am anyway, so it hasn't been all that different.  Oh, and food cravings, I have those, too.  But, again, kind of like me in non-pregnant form.  Crying easily?  Duh.  So, yeah, basically I have spent my entire adult life pregnant in the first trimester, except that I could drink wine and jump on trampolines and go in hot tubs and do street drugs.*

5.  Sometimes it just seems boring to only have a chance of having a boy or a girl.  What if it could be a polar bear, or a cheetah, or an American Dingo??!!  Matt says that would actually suck because then you'd run the risk that it could be a cockroach or something gross like that.  He kind of has a point there.  But what about an elephant?  Nope--too long without wine.  Human boy or girl will be fine, I suppose.

6.  Our office room looks like a baby store!  More on that later.  By the way, they make so much crap for babies.  It's really overwhelming.

7.  Yes, we're hoping that Mitch doesn't eat it.

8.  The name will not start with an M.  Our name alliteration was unintentional, and I'm nervous about people thinking we're like the Duggars or something.  And, unfortunately, we're probably not going with any WTF initials, even though that would be SO AWESOME.  Wouldn't you love it if you could initial things WTF? Or get monogrammed towels that said WTF?  Amazing.  Maybe we'll have to rethink that one?

9.  I don't know if we'll change the name of the blog or not.  Can I just add a plus to it and make it like an equation or something?  I don't know, though.  I'm not very mathy.  If you've got ideas, let me know.

10.  Got an ultrasound at 10 weeks and thought that perhaps I was growing a young Voldemort.

11.  This kid is huge.  Huge, I tell you!  I'm really afraid of giant babies because I watched my mom birth my 10 pound 14 ounce brother at some hippie natural birthing center when I was 4.  I've always known that there was a chance that I would have a giant, Weekly World News kind of kid, which is one of the many reasons I resisted this whole pregnant thing for so long.  At our first appointment, Blast measured 4 days ahead.  At the second, 5.  At the latest appointment, Blast was measuring 10 days ahead, which is, well, huge.  So maybe it's not a Voldemort so much as it's a Hagrid?

And with all that said, we couldn't be happier, and we can't wait to meet and then groom a little human to be way more awesome than either of its parents.

*One of the lists of what I couldn't eat or drink or do now mentioned that I should be avoiding street drugs.  Oh, shoot.  No more angel dust for me, I suppose.**

**That is a joke.  I only do heroin.***

***Also a joke.

21 September 2011

Human Reproduction

Oh, internet.  We've totally been holding out on you.

This spring, Matt and I are going to have a human.  A giant, giant, hot dog and macaroni and cheese eating human.  Well, we'll both have it in terms of ownership.  I'm the one who actually has to birth it have it, though.  (Cue freaked out face.)

For real.  I know.  I can hardly believe it, either.

But check out the inside of my uterus.  Here's our little Blast (short for blastocyst, which it really is no longer, but we like the moniker).

We're super excited about our little spawn.  Our first-born is less excited, but he'll come around.

Freaky, huh?

*Offspring who is reading this far, far in the future: guess I have to start being a little more careful about what I post on here now, huh?

19 September 2011

Stuff I Love

In an effort to ignore the one thousand times I've sneezed today* and the killer headache I'm going to have in approximately six hours when I wake up for work (gross), I am going to focus on the positive and show you some things that are making me smile a whole lot lately.

1.  None of Your Frizziness conditioner by Herbal Essences.  I am a complete cheapass when it comes to hair products (or beauty products in general, if we're being honest), so this stuff is super amazing because it makes my hair silky smooth without being greasy, and it smells like a happy day at the beach.  Well, it also kind of smells like a Mary Kate & Ashley brand shampoo that I used when I went on a trip to Mississippi with a professor in college (I wouldn't recommend going on a trip with a professor in college, but that's a story for another time), so, anyway, I also laugh every time I use the conditioner.  Silky hair and hilarious smell deja vu?  Shoot yeah!

2.  More Amish Butterprint treasures!  Matt's mom (are you jealous that my mother-in-law is so much better than yours?) got me these when she was at the Bouckville antiques extravaganza last month.  Are they just the cutest thing you've ever seen or what?  Cassie says that one dish on the right is for pate.  Hmmmm. . .well, I used it to store leftover tater tots this weekend.  That's the same, right?

3.  Cold food.  Mmmmmmm.  I love cold food.  Cold pizza, cold french fries, cold stir fry, cold pasta.  Matt thinks this is the most disgusting thing of all time.  I think it's delicious.

4.  My little cuddle wolf.  Why is he so cute?  Would this pose scare off a murderer robber?  Yeah, I think so, too.

5.  These lollipops that I stole from Tanya's house last weekend.  They're cotton candy flavored or something, and they're super tasty.  She says they came from Party City or something, so I might need to go on an outing here soon.

6.  A trio of baby pumpkin cakes!  They look a little less hobo-like once frosted and sprinkled with walnuts.  You can tell that Cassie totes decorated the one on the left.  I've not got the patience for that bull jive!

I also love people who come to my house and clean it and then do all of my essay grading while I sit on the couch and watch Teen Mom, so if anyone out there is bored, feel free to come on by.  I'll provide you insightful commentary on the state of Amber and Gary's relationship and Farrah's stupid bitchness.  

*Matt refused to say anything after someone sneezed.  No "God bless you," no "Gesundheit," no nothing.  He said he does not need to acknowledge that I've sneezed.  I say he's lucky I still have a soul.  I've been so obnoxious about his refusal over these last nine years that recently, whenever I sneeze, he gives me a really exaggerated "God bless you."  It's a minor victory, sure, but it sure makes having a cold a lot more fun.

18 September 2011


After having a "less than fun" day with students on Friday (was it a full moon or something?), I came home and decided that I needed a Brothers & Sisters nap before I did anything else.  Then I threw a temper tantrum while I was on the phone with Matt because the wiimote batteries were dead and I had to get out of bed to go get more.  I proceeded to growl breathe on the phone with Matt for a few minutes until he wisely said something along the lines of, "Oh man, I'll see you when I get home.  I'm going into a dead zone." Fortunately for him, I was asleep by the time he got home (like 15 minutes later).

But then when I woke up four hours later, I realized that I'd caught the cold that he'd spent the whole week fighting, and then I was super pissed.  So I went to Target to pick up my cure for a cold, a bottle of Simply Grapefruit juice (this cure is 90% placebo effect and 10% vitamin C, but it works pretty well) and some fancy cough drops (I am a cough drop addict, as is my dog).

Then I wasted my Saturday away taking approximately 12 more Brothers & Sisters naps, drinking another entire Simply Grapefruit juice, making some tasty chicken noodle soup, and pouting because my cold cure had failed.  This morning I finally changed out of the clothes I was wearing on Friday.  I haven't taken a shower in seven weeks.


The good news, though, is that I had a freezer full of popsicles, and I found a water bottle at Target that is basically just a sippy cup for grown-ups that I could prop up against a pillow so that I could just roll over slightly to enjoy some nice, cold water.  And the weather was out of control perfection, so I had all of the windows open and enjoyed the nice breeze.  And tonight I got super inspired and attempted to make some mini pumpkin cakes. They're delicious, but I definitely didn't have the right pans, so they look kind of like hobo cakes.  Oh well.  I'd rather have delicious ugly food than disgusting beautiful food.  Right?  Right?

 Brothers & Sisters nap #9.

 If Simply Grapefruit doesn't work, maybe Ben & Jerry's will?

New laundry baskets make me happy.  Also, I am old.

Mitch loves the smells of fall. 

 Totes super glued my fingers together.

 It's all very Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Well, shoot.

Here's to a new week, getting rid of this stupid cold, and more open window days.

15 September 2011

The Godfather

About a month ago, Matt's godfather, Gary, passed away.  It was incredibly sad to lose someone like him, not just because we adored him or because we know that we'll never see him again or hear him tell jokes or receive emails from him with scanned comic strips and random words in all capitals, but because without him, the world is just not as good.  I'm hesitant to even write this because I know that there aren't words to accurately convey just how awesome Gary was.  


Gary didn't want a funeral, so this past weekend we headed down to Ft. Lauderdale to attend his celebration of life party.  During this party, people from Gary's life spoke about him, about his sense of adventure, selflessness, and his incredible passion for helping others.  As the host would list Gary's accomplishments (which, by the way, earned him recognition from the U.S. Congress and countless other agencies), I began to wonder how one guy could possibly do so much.  Gary never mentioned all of his volunteer efforts or the funds he set up for different causes when we were hanging out with him eating brownies.  In fact, during those times, he seemed primarily concerned with us, with what was going on in our lives, with our jobs, our families.  

He was mischievous, kind, cheap, ambitious, humble, and generous.  He was a lover of baked goods and a packrat and a genius.  Gary dedicated his life to making other people's lives better, and I've never known anyone who was a better citizen than he was.

And now, knowing all that Gary did and how many people he helped, I feel like a complete lazy do-nothing.

 We're really going to miss Gary, and need to get moving if we're going to be even 1/10 as amazing as he was.

14 September 2011


Here's how a conversation between Cassie and me evolves (devolves).

First, I read a Dear Prudie column about a lady who seems only to be attracted to men who are swingers.

Then, I write to Cassie, telling her that I read the letter that she sent in to Prudie and that we all knew Hugh was a swinger all along.  She agrees, and wonders how she could ever have thought him so perfect.**

Later I found this article that discusses the top ten signs a couple will divorce.  Number one?  Being swingers.  So,  naturally, I sent it Cassie's way.

An exchange:

Cassie: Who knew swinging was such an issue?

Me: I think swinging is like camping.  It seems like it would be fun, but really it's just wet and gross and you wake up in the morning wondering why you make such bad life choices.

Cassie: Oh, and there are weird sounds you've never heard before and you are stuck in an uncomfortable bed all night wondering how in the world you got here.***

*The title of this post could also have been, "How the hell would I get through by day without email?"

**For the record, I don't think that Hugh and Cassie are getting divorced any time soon.

***It should also be noted, Grandma, that we are not swingers and have no plans to become swingers.

12 September 2011

Cute or Deadly?

Geez-o-Pete, we've been busy lately!  Not only am I deep into writing test preparation essay grading hell, but we've been actually doing stuff every weekend lately.  Usually, when people ask about our weekend plans I reply, "Nothing.  Absolutely nothing."  But lately we've been doing stuff--fantastic stuff, but stuff nonetheless.

Which means that I am tired.

This weekend we drove down to Ft. Lauderdale to visit with friends, and spent about 16 or so hours in the car.  I spent about five of those hours grading essays, and exactly zero of those hours sleeping.  For the record, sleeping is much more enjoyable than grading essays.  You can quote me on that.

While we were in Ft. Lauderdale, I took pictures, but apparently only of animals that are either extremely cute, extremely deadly, or some combination of the two.

Let's start with the extremely cute.


 If Matt would have let me, I would have taken all of these babies home with us where they would have lived in the bathtub until I built a pond in the back yard where they would swim and do other duck things until I trained them to do quacking and dance routines a la the Huxtable children.

But Matt said no.  And he said that our friends Chandler and Joey tried that once and it was way more annoying than they thought it would be.

Plus, I'm not sure the grown-up ducks (which were the opposite of cute, by the way) were too keen on my ducknapping plan.

Maybe this one tried to kill me with its ugly red poison face?  (That's what my face looked like this summer when I was a poison ivy monster.)

Moving on, look at this gross baby dinosaur I saw when I was with Tanya.  Disgustment.  I followed it around a parking lot trying to get a picture until I climbed into a tree and moved around, and I got the willies and finally ran away screaming.  That's what happens when you chase a baby dinosaur.

Then we encountered this rare creature, Tanya's pug, Daphne.  Daphne is both cute and deadly, as she demonstrated with little funny howls and her look of death.  Daphne has killed three alligators in her South Florida neighborhood, and it's even gotten her on the news a couple of times.*

Finally, I returned home to find this creature, legs a' tangled, resting in its natural habitat.

*That did not happen.

06 September 2011

Hey hey hey.

Sorry about the complete and utter slackassness on the ol' bliggity blog.  Just wanted to stop in and say hey what's up so that you don't think we're dead or something.

Life has been good to us lately.  This weekend Matt's parents came down, and we ate and drank and shopped and went to parks and chillaxed.  Matt and I were spoiled like crazy, and it was a wonderful, peaceful weekend.  And I took nary a picture.  Shoot.

But since you love to look at pictures, I did find this beaut on Chloe's Facebook page.

I promise you she's smart.

Today was back to real life, which included working, ellipting, eating gigantic meatball subs (ellipting makes you so hungry!), chatting on the phone, doing laundry.  Not terribly exciting, but kind of nice.  When I am less tired, I'll come back with all manner of treasures and stories. Until then, I've got some Teen Mom to watch and a date with the big bed.

How was your Labor Day weekend?  

01 September 2011

This and That

1.  So, Tanya told me that once a woman turns 30, her chances of being attacked drop by like 75%.  So that's comforting.  Now that I'm thirty I am too old and too frumpy to be worth attacking.  Matt says that it's because 30-years olds aren't walking around downtown drunk and stupid.  I say it's because of gravity.  Either way, it's nice to know that I'm less likely to be attacked.

2.  Nothing makes you feel older than high schoolers who are writing essays about time travel.  When they ask, "So, how were the '80s for you?" as though they're talking about the early days of the Roman Empire, you will feel old.  Also, they don't get Saved by the Bell references.  What is this world coming to?  And how am I supposed to teach what an aside is now?

3.  Happy birthday to Caitie!  It's not so bad, Cait.  Hell, you're less likely to be attacked!

4.  Someone buried a Milk Bone in the back yard.

5.  I am so proud of Tyler and Catelynn on Teen Mom.  Those kids sure are doing their best!  Keep on keepin' on, Tyler and Catelynn (and keep using birth control)!

6.  We got new neighbors in the house behind ours, and they have some kind of yellow lab mix dog.  He's cute.  Here's the thing, though.  He's Mitch's bark twin, and he barks a good bit, and I always end up walking to the back to see what's wrong with my pup, only to find that he's sitting on the couch or under the bed just chillaxin'.  I wonder if Mitch is weirded out by his bark twin?

Oh, you want to see another picture of my dog sitting on the couch?  Okay!

7.  When I was at the BlogHer conference a few weeks back, I got a bunch of swag.  (Definitely can't talk about swag without feeling super douchey like Michael Scott on The Office.)  I ended up leaving most of it on a park bench with a note for someone to just take it because I had a tiny suitcase and all of the shipping stores were closed.  But I held on to a few items, one of which was a Tempurpedic all-purpose pillow.  OMf'ingG this is the greatest pillow that man has ever created.  I basically carry it around from room to room, finding excuses to lie down (not hard to do) just so that I can use the pillow (and, also, be lazy).  It's a little pricey for a small pillow, but I'm obsessed.  I want about five more.  

8.  Making this for dinner right now.  (Yes, at 11:45.  We're nocturnal.)

9.  Making this for dinner for tomorrow.

10.  Haven't been this excited to see a Friday come in a while.  It's been a long week, and teenagers make me tired (why do they keep asking me questions all the time?).  Plus, we've got some awesome company arriving Saturday afternoon.  Plus, THREE DAY WEEKEND!  Woo-hoo!

To sum up, let's extend three cheers to the following: food, pillows, dogs, awesome in-laws, Fridays, days of labor that are actual lazy days, Caities, birthdays, and not being attacked.


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