18 May 2012


I know it's already weekend time again, but I totes need to share some of the fun we had last weekend when Grandma Carol, Grandpa B, and Aunt Darcey came to visit. 

We ate and talked and laughed and ate some more. I got to take them to some of my favorite spots in the SAV, like Back in the Day Bakery, of course (a hit!). 

And we went to the train yard that is by the railroad museum so that Grandpa and Darcey could ride one of the antique trains. And Grandpa got a conductor's hat. Because nothing on earth is better than Grandpa B wearing a conductor's hat. Nothing. 

It was such a fun and relaxing weekend, and it really helped me to take my mind off of the anxiety that I had about returning to work on Monday. I was anxious because I didn't know how it was going to work logistically (we've been terrible about getting our wee one on any kind of reliable schedule) and how I was ever going to get enough sleep and how would pumping work and would I even remember my students' names and would I hate my job now that I have a baby? (And such a cute baby at that!)

So I returned to work on Monday, nervous, tired, and feeling a little bit overwhelmed.  And HOT DAMN I LOVED IT! I've never had May mornings where I was delighted to be walking the halls of my school, and I don't think I've ever been so tickled to be wearing heels and clothes that weren't pajamas, either. It was really nice to see my students, and all of the hugs and well-wishes sure made me feel loved and appreciated. 

Being back at work has been great (except for the day that I spilled an entire bottle of breastmilk in my lap--that was pretty awful). I've enjoyed my job, and really relished the opportunity to get out of the house each day. And while it's been hard and tiring, it's good for us mostly because it's given me the time away that I need to actually start missing my little Charlie.* I miss him just the right amount. And he misses me just the right amount, too. We can get kind of sick of each other after weeks and weeks of being together nonstop.  

Gratuitous baby picture.

So now, when I walk into my house, and my snugglin' pup greets me at the door and Matt walks over holding our cute little boy, I happily grab that baby and kiss him and cuddle him, and I so appreciate being able to appreciate being his mom. 

 ****Charlie, if you're reading this far, far in the future. . . Well, if you're old enough to read then you're old enough to know that your mom just isn't a baby person. I probably like you way better now. Unless you became a republican. Jokes. You can be a republican if you want. I probably deserve it, anyway, for being so obsessed with Family Ties.****

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  1. Oh my, that stuffed animal pic is making my ovaries think I should have a baby. So cute!



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