11 November 2012

This and That

Well, well, internet friends.  I have been a terrible blogger lately.  I know.  Let's just pretend that at the beginning of every post from here on out there's an apology for not writing frequently enough.  Sorry.  In my defense, though, we've been quite busy.

In the last ten days we've gone to Charleston, come back, hung out with Matt's parents, ate a lot of food, made a cake, cleaned the house, did 897 loads of laundry, switched bedrooms in the house, celebrated the election victory of our favorite president and vice-president, got spoiled rotten, and discovered the new fun of pulling ourselves up on stuff/chasing a very mobile 7-month old.

Oh, and Mitch has mange.  It's awful.  You shan't be seeing pictures of him on this post because he would be so humiliated.  There's missing fur, swollen eyes, a lampshade, and the always-fun activity of trying to get the pup to take medicine.

But I've had a list of stuff to talk to you about on my little computer post-it for weeks now, and I totes have some stuff to share with you.

Oh crap.  It got deleted.  Shoot.  Well, I'll do my best.

1.  Went to see Louis C.K. a few weeks ago.  It was, as you would imagine, amazeballs.  Hilarious, fun, and delicious (thank you, king-sized bag of Skittles!).  Very fun to get out for an adult activity.  That sounded dirtier than it was supposed to.

2.  I love this thing.  First saw it on Pinterest for these bouncing ball things that are also quite fun where the balls bounce when you make noise.  It was advertised as a way to keep classrooms of kids quiet.  Worked the opposite for me.  My kids would be quiet for about 10 seconds and then take turns screaming to see if they could get all of the balls off the screen.  But the trippy one?  Well it's true to its name.  My favorite is to stare at it and then look at the giant "Big Brother Is Watching You" poster I have in the room.  Also keeps kids quiet for way longer than the bouncing balls.

3.  Go, Obam'!  Go gay marriage!  Go ladies!  Go legalized weed! (True fact: I've never smoked weed.  Didn't get around to it in college and then by the time I thought it might be fun I had a job that I didn't want to risk losing.  But as soon as that shit's legalized I'm going to try it out.  During the summer and when I'm un-pregnant and someone else is taking care of my babies, but still.)

4.  Driving me effing insane that I don't know what this next kid is.  My OB (who is crazy but awesome) assures me that it will be a naked baby.  I even tried to exaggerate some pulled muscle pain I was having to make it sound more alarming so that I could get an ultrasound and find out, but to no avail.  DAMMIT.  I don't even know why I'm worried about it, though.  It's totally a girl.  I've even tried to eff with the universe by buying pink things.  It's fine, it's fine.  Girls are good.  But I swear that if any of that plastic stupid princess shit sneaks into my house I will. . .be annoyed but probably do nothing.

Alright, the internet.  That's all I can remember.  Now look at some pictures of marshmallows and my kid.  Not pictured: pitiful dog with mange. :(*

CSF sticks out his tongue now.  It's kind of the best thing ever. 

If you're off work on Monday I hate you**.  I don't have off and am VERY bitter about it.

*So pitiful that it calls for a sad face emoticon.

**Extreme, yes.  True?  Also, yes.

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  1. I do have today off (sort of - I did schedule myself to travel to a conference this afternoon. . .) But you can hate me, I'm fine with it. But it's cool, I hate you everyday during the summer. Ha!



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