27 January 2013

Ten Months!

Baby Charlie is ten months old!  How'd that happen?

Ten months is super fun with young Charles.  He's a champion eater, and a champion sleeper, and during his waking hours he never stops moving.  He's started dancing (oh, sorry that that's the cutest thing that has ever happened on earth) and he's forever in love with Mitchell.  Last month he got six teeth (!) and he somehow did it with only a fussy day or two, and he drinks from a sippy cup in the cutest manner that any human ever has.

Oh, and he gets jokes.  We call them baba jokes around here.  (Charlie is like super crazy physical developmental milestone kid, but when it comes to the verbal stuff he's, well, much more of a boy*.  And while I'm loath to say things like "he's all boy," the more I learn the more I think there are more differences between boys and girls than I would have previously liked to admit.  So the only real sound he makes right now is "baba" [unless you're counting Tim Taylor-style caveman grunts], but Matt and I are so tickled with these babas that we've kind of decided, "Hell, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em."**)

*This is like when my college advisor looked at my math entrance exam test thing and said, "Mandy, your math scores reflect the English major in you."  Shooooot.

**Wait, did that sound like we beat our baby?  We don't beat our baby and don't plan to.  Oops.

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