09 April 2013

This and That

1.  So, this little female fetus of ours is already disobedient, and likely a little obstinate (did we expect anything less?).  As you might remember, I decided that baby girl could go ahead and be born on April 7.  And if you've looked at a calendar lately, you might notice that April 7 has come and gone, and I have not yet managed to evict her from my body.  Do I need a judge or something?

2.  Probably not a good thing that I bought three bags of Cadbury milk chocolate eggs when they went on sale after Easter.  Except that it's an awesome thing because OMG they are so good and who cares.  Fat is the new black, right?

3.  My feet are so swollen right now that my flip flops don't fit.  See above.

4.  Best David Letterman guest of all time?  Regis Philbin.  Trust me on this.  I know handsome old dudes.

5.  Charlie is still supes cute, and a little bit insane, and a lot hilarious.  Oh, and he walked!  It was awesome.  I imagine that he'll get a little better at it in time.

6.  Hell yeah, return of Mad Men!

7.  Oh, I did a dresser for our girl!  Maybe I'll give you an entire post about it so I don't seem like the laziest blogger of all time.

8. Someone get this baby out of my body.

9.  How's April 10 sound for a baby girl's birthday?

10.  My doctor said he won't come by our house for a home water birth.  I'm supposed to put bath salts in the kiddie pool, right?  That's basically as good as an epidural, I heard on Pinterest.

I think I need to go to bed now.  But first I'm going to make you look at some pictures of Charlie while he's still an only [human] child.  And one of Mitch.

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