13 April 2012

Baby STD's

You haven't heard much from us for a week or so because our sweet little precious babe became possessed with a screaming tapeworm demon (a.k.a., "3-week growth spurt").  Basically, for the better part of a week, young Charles decided that he had to feed for about 12 hours a day (I wish that was an exaggeration), and he demanded that we hold him for the other 12.  It was wildly fun, if by wildly fun you mean "so awful that it made me ugly cry in the shower twice."  So there was that.  

The good news, though, is that the screaming tapeworm demon (oh jeez, does my baby have an STD? I totes thought I'd be a better parent than this!) has since been exorcised.  Today he's been just lovely and delightful.

So he's no longer looking like this all the time.

And he's gone back to looking like this.

Still, I'm considering going in tomorrow to get my tubes tied.

Also, during my time trapped on the couch in the last week, I have watched an insane amount of stupid TV.  I did feel like a better parent when I compared myself to the girl on 16 and Pregnant who was determined to get back to training to become a professional cage fighter, and I felt like a better human during MTV's True Life: I Am Jealous of My Sibling that featured such loathsome humans that it made the cage fighting mom seem like a Ghandi rocket scientist.  Also, the Justin Bieber Proactiv commercials that aired during every break made me wonder if, perhaps, it was high time that I find some more age-appropriate programming?

Big week ahead for us.  We have in-laws visiting (and not a moment too soon!), and I've promised myself that I will (I swear it!) finally get this kid a birth certificate.  He'll need it in 35 years when he runs for president.


  1. Take heart!! As delightful as Audrey is now, she went thru 2 weeks of colic that just happened to be the last two weeks before Larry left for OCS in GA. (I've never seen a man SOOO excited to leave home to have strangers scream at him!!)Looking back, perhaps it was her little way to ensure that she would stay the baby of the family....

  2. Sweet, hungry Charlie. Reese spent the first seven weeks screaming like a banshee because we didn't realize he was lactose intolerant. Or that we were overfeeding him and making it worse. Shoot.

  3. I'm sorry, but I giggled a little. I totally remember that phase. And, oh hell, I don't want to relive it either. At least you still have humor. Because that's all that's left. ;)



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