19 September 2013

Maverick, Etc.

Here's what you get today, party people.  First is a post I wrote like a week and a half ago and then never added pictures to or posted.  And because I'm a sloth, I refuse to switch it up.  After that you'll get an actual update about boring stuff around here.


Today my students' SAT word of the day was Maverick.  Obviously, this meant that I needed to show them clips of Top Gun, especially the very best one (okay, the best one that I could show to a group of other people's children, because clearly the best one is the volleyball scene--or the one where the sing in the bar!--or--wait--too many best scenes!) where Iceman does the biting thing.  "That's right, Ice. . .man [brushes lint off shoulder of Iceman], I am dangerous."  I mean, it doesn't get much better than that, does it?*

Oh, hell.  Let's just watch it.

Other than that, things are pretty quiet.  Baby Lady decided to roll over, finally.  And now she's (knock on wood), sleeping like a damned champion. (Really, if our spawn should do anything well, it should be sleep. They've certainly got the genes for it.)  She's getting all wild and crazy with her rolling all about and grabbing things and laughing.  And her brother?  Well, he's kind of the sweetest and funniest little creature on the planet.  Sometimes we call him Gollum because he creeps around like such a little weirdo.  It's definitely true what they say about you loving those babies more and more with every day.  But I knew that already because I experienced it with Mitch.  And Matt!  Matt, too!

Right now, I'm sipping on a watermelon margarita (Why aren't you?  MAKE ONE NOW!) while Matt grills our dinner.  And I'm trying to figure out why there's a soccer game on TV, but I'm too lazy to get up and get the remote.  Oh well.

Ooh!  Matt just came in and suggested we watch Boardwalk Empire while we eat!  Awesome!  True fact: I once had a very inappropriate dream about Nucky Thompson.

And, with that, I'll leave you with pictures of my favorite tiny humans.

*Wait, is "Crashed and burned, eh Mav?" and then "Slider [sniff, sniff]. . .you stink" better?


And now it's a week and a half later, I just ate 2/3 of a frozen pizza, and I'm currently in the process of avoiding grading essays.  So basically the dishes are done and the laundry is done and I might even take a shower TWO DAYS IN A ROW!  But the essays?  The essays are never done.

I'm excited about the weekend and about the changes in the weather (a few more degrees cooler and it'll be open window weather!) and about school and about babies doing cool stuff and about not being pregnant.  I also received a pretty awesome gift recently and if you're annoyed that I've been blowin' up your Instagram feed with 2 bajillion pictures of my baby spawn, then, well, unfollow me.

And in case you were wondering, not a single one of my students missed the maverick question on the vocabulary quiz.  Top Gun for the win!

That's all I've got (that's blog appropriate, anyway).  Told you it was boring.

Picture time!

That's right, Ice. . .man, I am dangerous.

Also, apparently my kids only wear pajamas.  What a life!  Totes jeal!

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