28 December 2013


I effing love Christmas.  In our house, we've been listening to Christmas music for months, and if I could have my whole house adorned with twinkly Christmas lights year round without seeming like a complete freak show I totally would.

And Christmas with kiddies?  Get outta here, man.  Charlie's not even really old enough to get it get it, but he was still a little dream come true on Christmas morning.  And sweet Tildy even joined in the fun (when brother was sleeping and she could check out their new kitchen without fear of him yelling "STOP!" at her and pushing her to the floor).  We ate too much and opened gifts and played and baked cookies and ate and played some more.

I've been out of school since the 20th, and I don't actually have to go back until the 6th, so Matt and I have been using this long break to alternate sleeping-in mornings, to get shit done (like those tasks that linger and nag at you for 200 years because you don't want to do them but an actual adult would do them), to chillax, and to enjoy each other.  Add to that the fact that my family is in a really good place right now (if you are privy to those deets you'll understand just how remarkable that is) and the fact that I'm not pregnant, and I've got to say, my heart just feels really. . .full.

I really can't remember the last time I've felt this happy and content with everything: babies, family, work, responsibilities, life in general.  Matt and I have said to each other again and again how great this week has been, how it's been one of the best Christmases ever.  I kind of don't want it ever to end.

Christmas Eve trip to Publix.

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