13 January 2014

Weekend o' Shit and Fun!

After being on a glorious sugar-cookie high for two weeks during the holiday break and then returning to school feeling full and content, I had one of those weeks where it just felt like life was punching us in the stomach over and over. It’s fine, and I’m being dramatic, what with the life punches and all, but fuck, man. What started off as an easy peasy week ended with frustration and tears and annoyance. But Sunday we managed to put things back on track, to regroup, be flexible with our plans, and move forward. (And sorry to be so vague about these little problemos, but they basically have to do with money and a lack thereof, and nobody wants to hear people bitch about money, so I’ll spare you.)

 So maybe I went to my dark OMIGOD I CAN’T TAKE IT AND I’M SO TIRED AND TIRED OF IT ALL AND NOBODY TALK TO ME AND I’M GOING TO BE SO CONSPICUOUSLY SILENT THAT EVERYONE WILL BE AFRAID mode for an hour or so on Friday night.* And maybe I drank two glasses of wine too many (for a total of three. Two years of not drinking will make a lightweight out of you!), which made for an unpleasant day Saturday with solo-parenting two babies.

 But, really, it’s nothing that some good friends, Chipotle, couch naps with a dog (does it count as a nap if it’s from 7:30 p.m. until 1 a.m.?), and a bowl of stove-popped popcorn can’t tackle.  Plus this weekend was full of awesome, too. One of my favorite people in the world found out that she’s having a little BOY (which I had been rooting for since before she was even knocked up)!** And one of my other favorite people in the world had a great weekend with a new nice boy that left us laughing and giggling and plotting like we did back in our trashy college days. And we got to FaceTime with some of my other favorite people in the world. And we made Dinner: A Love Story’s chicken orzo soup. And I got so much done during my Sunday kitchen bitchin’ session that I’m feeling prepared for this week. Bring it, January!

And shoot, even though Charlie and Matilda might have been in on some diabolical plan to break me on Saturday (three hours of straight two babies screaming and whining!), they’re pretty damned cute.

*Life tip: try not to combine a stressful week, lingering post-partum depression, PMS, and a lack of sleep if you can help it. Ugly results, people. Ugly.

**I am also amazing at guessing the gender of peoples’ babies. I’m batting like a thousand right now.

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