23 February 2011

Gorgeous Weekend

This weekend was out of control beautiful, and we wanted to soak up every bit of fun and sunshine that we possibly could. 

Savannah can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but there's just something so exhilarating about spending an afternoon lying on a blanket in the sun, and then realizing that, oh em gee, it's February (!).  Springtime in Savannah is just glorious.

Because life has been a bummer lately, this weekend we felt almost obliged to have fun, and to appreciate the beauty in our lives.

So we went downtown, drank margaritas, and mingled with the tourists.

And we stalked a puppy so cute I thought my uterus would burst.

And we went to hang out with Iris and Opal.

And we went to the park.

And we drank smoothies.

And we played games.

And we watched other people.

And we smiled.  And some of us read books.

And we laughed. And we just enjoyed the company of each other, and of our friends.

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