02 February 2011

Happy Birthday to Mitchell!

I make no bones (HA!) about the fact that I am 100%, completely and totally in love with my Mitchell.  Any regular reader here knows that it's basically an unhealthy obsession. 

But, really?  Can you blame me?

So today we're celebrating the 7th birthday of the furry perfection who greets me at the door and snuggles with me in the big bed and on the couch, who licks my tears off of my face when I'm crying and who licks the sweat off of my legs after ellipting.  He's the best dish pre-washer this side of the Mississippi and he is the best protection against mailmen. 

But now I'll stop gushing because I need to go enjoy some post-walk snuggles with him.  (What?  75 degrees on Groundhog Day!  Looks like the universe wanted Mitchell Pancake Hedberg E-F to have a fun birthday, too!)

Here's how he's spent much of his birthday.

Refusing to wear the birthday hat I made for him.

Proving that age is only a number, bounding about the yard like a rodeo dog.

Finally acquiescing and wearing the hat.

And being rewarded with ice cream.

 Note the toasted coconut on his face.

I can't even believe that I've enjoyed seven years of this insane cuteness and my heart hasn't exploded.


  1. Happy Birthday, Mitchell Pancake!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago, you attacked my hair, you little whippersnapper! :)

  2. Happy birthday Mitch! You've got a kindred spirit in our Skylar, who's been part of our family for 7 years also:) You are one handsome fellow.

  3. Mitch says, "Thanks, y'all." He's currently assumed his normal position on the couch--sans birthday hat.

  4. Happy Birthday to Mitch! It's obviously going to be a great year since 7 is a lucky number.



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