05 October 2011

Less Than Gandhi.

Here's something you might not know: Matt is smart.  He's like sickeningly, ridiculously smart.  He reads like fifty books to my one, and he's rational and insightful and seems to know, well, everything.  And if he doesn't know it, he goes and reads a whole book about it and then knows it.  He can even do math!  I, on the other hand, fall asleep after reading one article in Entertainment Weekly, am occasionally lacking in the rational thinking department, and was told by my college advisor that my "math scores reflect the English major in [me]."  Shoot.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I'm thrilled to have a smart husband, and I really like it when I can just ask him about something (Arab Spring?) and he can explain it in a way that I can easily understand it (because he's basically Mama to my Forrest Gump).  But sometimes it's annoying to always be the dumb one, or to only be able to contribute to trivia contests if the category is 90210 or cities that have hosted the Olympics.

So Matt knows everything, which is simultaneously fantastic and annoying.  When he was a kid, though, he took an IQ test (which I may have already mentioned here at some point), but he never received a definitive score because while he was off the charts on everything linguistic and rational and whatnot, when it came to anything spatial he scored slightly lower than Mitch would.

Matt doesn't understand shapes.

Anyway, last night we were creepin' on Chloe's Facebook page--oh wait! Time for some awesome pictures lifted from her page--


--and Matt saw an old status of hers that said, "i <3 gandhi."  Matt was confused.

Matt:  I less than three Gandhi?  Chloe is less than three Gandhis?



  1. Drew and I used to play "Fun with Colors" with your man. It's hours of entertainment picking through the crayon box and creating new and exciting versions of camouflage! Does that make me a bad person? -Dave

  2. After reading the entire blog, and coming to the same conclusion that Matt did, it occurs to me that the less math cluttering the brain, the easier it is to understand the symbols :)
    Matt's Dad

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  4. I think that's true about math cluttering the brain and preventing you from seeing the symbols! I knew what <3 meant but I thought it was just some random thing that a bunch of people decided and not really shaped like anything. Then, a couple weeks ago, I saw the little animation when I used one for the first time in a gchat. It blew my mind.

  5. I think you guys are right. Math blocks one from being able to recognize emoticons. Good to know.



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