01 October 2011

This and That

Well, I've been such a slackass here because, well, I don't think that you have much interest in my recounting every detail of the last 8 episodes of Brothers & Sisters that I've watched, and because I'm not really baking or ice creaming lately because I'm afraid of making the fetus one of record-breaking giganticness, and because, well, I'm beat.

But life has been good lately, and here's what's keeping me smiling these days.

1.  Sometimes when I'm bored in the car, I stare at the ends of my hair and then pull the gray ones out.  The other day I pulled out a really long hair that was half-gray and half-brown.  But here's the thing: it started off gray and then turned brown!  So, basically what I'm telling you is that I'm Benjamin Button. In about 15 years I'll be the same age as my spawn!

2.  Boardwalk Empire.  Oh, Nucky!  (Maybe I had a very disturbing dream about Nucky Thompson during which we were more than friends?)  I love that show with my heart and soul, and it makes me want to cut my hair short and drink gin and break the law.

3.  Modern Family.  Who's your favorite character?  Mine's Phil, probably because he's the most Ross-Gellar-like.  Matt loves Luke.

4.  Mitch keeps laughing because he says that the baby's going to have to sleep in a crate while he sleeps in the big bed.

5.  Macaroni and cheese from the Publix deli.  Yeah, it doesn't do much on the "not making the baby gigantic" front, but it's so delicious that it makes me feel like the kid could weight 20 lbs. at birth and I wouldn't care.

6.  Sweatpants.  Oh, sweatpants.

7.  The elliptical.  I've been an ellipting machine lately.  A MACHINE!  Since the first trimester was basically a breeze for me, I have this fear that the third will be hell on earth.  So, in an effort to build up my core muscles like a sombitch so that I will be less uncomfortable come February, and in an effort to become less fat so that I don't break scales and have to wear tarps as clothing, I've been ellipting almost every day.  It's paying off, too.  It's also carving out extra calorie space for Publix deli macaroni and cheese.

8.  Hearing Matt in the other room while watching Survivor just say loudly to the TV, "Kill yourself."  Apparently this season's survivors are particularly loathsome.

9.  The fact that the writing test is over.  Yes, I am giant-stacks-of-essays free for a good number of months now. And my kiddies felt pretty confident.  Fingers crossed for 8-12 weeks until we get the results!

10.  Beautiful, crisp, window-open Saturdays.  I heart October.

With that, I've got some sweatpants to don, some macaroni and cheese to inhale, some Brothers & Sisters to watch, a dog and husband to snuggle with, and no essays to grade.

Hope your weekend is lovelier than reverse aging!

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