26 February 2012

Hey There!

Well, looks like I'm back to slackogging (that's slacker-blogging, for those of you who aren't linguists).  Oh well. I've actually been relatively productive/busy in real life, so let's use that as our excuse, shall we?

We have 4 1/2 weeks left until the boy's due date, which means that I only have 1 1/2 weeks left until I'm considered full term and the kid can just show up whenever he wants.  Matt and I are both really punctual people, so hopefully this kid will have inherited that from us and will get here on time, but not too early.  The actual due date is March 28, and Matt and I decided that it would work out nicely for us if I could start having contractions on the afternoon of the 24th, and then boy can make his grand appearance on Sunday, March 25 in the early evening.  That gives me plenty of hours of labor to guilt him with later in life, and it's convenient, and it means that I won't have some gross situation where my water breaks at school and I have to ask a custodian to please mop up my amniotic fluid (hopefully it's not like this).

Shit's getting real, y'all.  I mean, I have dairy products in my refrigerator that will still be good when this kid gets here!  And Matt realized the other night as he watched Survivor* that by the time the tribes merge, we'll have a baby.  I've got a big thick binder full of lesson plans for a sub, the nursery's just about finished, and today I whipped up (and by whipped up I do mean gave myself carpel tunnel with all of the veggie chopping) a triple batch of bolognese so that we'll have some backup meals in the freezer.

Hmmmmm, so what else has been going on?

Oh, I went to Augusta for Cassie's shower, which was super fun.  And I took blackberry pie bars, which were delicious (and good for you because they have fruit in them).  There may have been a slight parchment paper/broiler fire episode that prompted me to eat a few bars myself (quality assurance--didn't want to feed people charred pie bars!).

I had a doctor's appointment this week and had gained 9 pounds in two weeks.  I maintain that that weigh-in doesn't count because Matt and I had just eaten lunch at an Indian food buffet (and I take buffet eating VERY seriously--remember the Fattest of the Fat contests?), but it's possible that it counts more than I'd like to admit because of the aforementioned blackberry pie bars and random feeling-sorry-for-myself-because-I'm-uncomfortable-and-have-to-birth-a-human-soon treats.

Ooh!  We went and saw Stephen King, which was completely awesome.  Matt's a huge Stephen King fan.  I wish I was, but I'm not because I'm the worst reader ever and I don't like to be scared.  But I am a big fan of the man himself.  I was also excited when someone asked him what books he would recommend to teach to high schoolers, and he basically rattled off every book I teach my kiddies.  Matt will have to tell you more about that later (In his new Matt Attack section of the blog!  Get excited!).

Totes took the wrong lens.  Oh well.

The weather's been out of control beautiful.  We've had our windows open almost every day this week.

Pretty sure I wore my hair like this in the '80s.

The dogs have been out of control cute.

Mitch likes to feel his brother kick.

I have one million pictures just like this and I love them all. 

Here's how jealous Mitch is of the computer.  Can't wait to see how he responds to his human brother. 

And, finally, I am really uncomfortable.  I'm trying not to be one of those annoying complaining constantly pregnant people (because, honestly, what did I think was going to happen as I made the decision to try to gestate a human being with my Hagrid genes?), but I can tell you that I am very much looking forward to a day in the near future where I drink many margaritas and then pass out on my stomach.**  And maybe there will be a cold club sandwich in there just for fun.

We've got a full week ahead of us.  Next weekend is jam-packed with fun and friends and family and food, so get excited, peeps!   I know I am!

*Baby, if you are reading this far, far in the future.  Your dad totally watched Survivor.  By the time you read this, Survivor will be in its 248th season, and your dad will still be watching it.  Don't judge him for this.

**Baby, if you are reading this far, far in the future.  Sorry, your mom's totally a lush.  But you probably knew that already.  Hey, at least I don't watch Survivor!

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