15 February 2012

This and That

1.  Um, how can I not take my furry firstborn to the dog park when he looks at me like this?

2.  Just another sign that Mitch and I are E.T. and Elliot: the other day my feet smelled like Doritos.

3.  I want to eat this.

4.  Six more weeks of being knocked up!  I think the boy might have dropped because now I can breathe again and I don't feel his little feet all jacked up in my ribs.  It's nice to be able to breathe, but a little bit annoying to have to pee every .2 seconds.  Oh well.  Six weeks.

5.  Um, could Matthew Crawley be any more handsome?

6.  Um, could the Domino's parmesan bread bites be any more delicious?  We totes got lured into the parmesan bread bite trap this weekend when we ordered pizza because they were only $1, and I think that now they could charge $55 for them and Mitch and I would pay it.

7.  Furry valentines.  (Matt is bearded now since he's going to be a dad.  Apparently that's what you do.  Also, we can't find the cord to his clippers.)

I'm excited for this weekend because it'll be full of these and her and him and him.  And a three-day weekend to boot!


  1. Does Matt look more like Spence when he's all a-bearded?

    Also, the answer to #4 is: His handsomeness is immeasurable.

  2. err--# 5. Although I'm sure your fetus will quite handsome when he's a fully realized human. :D



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