24 October 2012

7 Months!

Little Baby Bug is another month older, another month wiser.  He's savoring these last months as the only human child, chowing down on barbecue sauce*, becoming more mobile by the second, and lunging his little body toward anything that could hurt him.  

We really need to get on baby-proofing the house.  (Kid has like one bajillion toys, but would much rather chew on the computer cord, put his head in a plastic bag, or play in a pool of his own vomit than play with them.  This month I learned that babies are much more like puppies than I had expected.)  Charlie's little personality is starting to really shine these days, too.  At times, he seems like a sweet, sensitive little boy.  At others, he's a caveman.  I guess those aren't mutually exclusive, right?

He's fun and crazy and still obsessed with his furry brother.  He loves the jumper, sucking on wet washcloths, naked time, and any toy that lights up and plays obnoxious sounds.  He's a sleeping champion (how could he not be given his bloodline?) but can't seem to figure out how to drink from a sippy cup.  Can't win 'em all, I suppose.  

But he no longer likes bananas.  Case in point:

Love this kid.  New baby has a pretty high bar to clear.

*Okay, fine.  Prunes.

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