28 October 2012

Weekend Fun

At the top of my October calendar in my planner I've written in all caps, "Just need to get through October."  Back in September, it said, "Just need to get through September and October."  I hate the idea of being one of those people who wishes away life, always looking to something better, but at the same time, this beginning stretch of the school year has been hellish, and November promises a little bit of relief and a little more fun, as do the months after.  Every day I get to mark a big X across the previous day in the calendar (because I'm old school like that), I get a little rush, like I'm that much closer to the finish line, even though the finish line isn't really a finish line at all.  This last weekend of October, though, I was quite chipper.  Maybe it was because I know I can bid the month adieu soon*, or maybe it's because the weather has been amazing and there are few things I enjoy more than open window days around the house.  Whatever the reason, I tried to stop being that dissatisfied old curmudgeon this weekend, to enjoy life and savor all of the awesomeness around us.

Enjoying life included going to Mexican for dinner on Friday (Charlie needed to see his uncles--sorry, tios-- after all!), cleaning the house so much on Saturday that my body hurt all day today (but in a good way), hanging out with my fuzzy firstborn and favorite baby caveman, ice creaming, watching Love Actually (if it's on, I watch it--always), going to an awesome food festival with friends at the park by our house (yes, I would like a spicy sausage on a stick!), doing yardwork (Matt, not me--too much poison ivy and I can't take 'roids while I'm with child), and just enjoying the company of each other (people are so much more enjoyable when the weather is amazing and the windows are open, aren't they?).

Here's what it looked like.

 Some things never change.  I like that.

Living room is overtaken with plastic shit.  Oh, so much plastic shit.  But I will be happy.  I will be happy because by having kids this close together it puts me that much closer to the time when I can give this plastic shit away.  Do you want it?

Plants I haven't quite killed yet.   


 I did 234 loads of laundry yesterday.

 Chaz likes to grab anything that hangs.  I figure there's no point in fighting him on this one.  So he can just grab a toy to take with him.

Take back what I said before.

 Are you tired of pictures of my two sons on the couch next to each other?  Well, I'm not, and probably never will be, so deal.  We can just pretend that I've slapped a month sticker on Charlie and set him next to his favorite stuffed animal.  

Banana puddin' ice cream.  SO F'ING GOOD. 

Get outta here.

To all of our friends in the path of Sandy (who seems to be much more like the sassy leather jacket-wearing broad from the end of Grease than the sweet delicate princess from the beginning--wait, did I steal that from a Facebook picture?), stay safe and warm.  I envy the days off you have all been announcing on the book, but soon you might be envying my electricity, so we can call it even.  Careful out there!  And if you want, you can always drive down to the SAV to visit.

*And don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.  Same goes for you, September!

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