11 February 2013

This and That


Hope you're having a good week!  We're having one of those smug weather weeks, one where we go online and see that it's all cold and snowy everywhere else, while it's warm and beautiful here.  Well, actually, it's raining right now, but it's warm enough that I have all of the windows open and quiet enough in the house that I can just listen to the rain.  I'll take it.  Plus, we can totes be beach-bound in like a month (maybe earlier!), so there will be a hole in the sand with my [giant, giant] belly's name on it.

And everything else is good.  Mitch no longer has mange (!!!!!!!!!), which may have been such good news that I cried a handful of happy tears.  Charlie is just a busy little learning machine.  He's started incorporating periodic cuddles into his daily regimen of never stopping moving, so that's fun.  I mean, they each only last for like five seconds, but it's nice when he puts down the piece of Milk Bone that he found on the floor to come over and give you a quick hug or snug.  We take what we can get around here.  

I had a minor scare last week when my doctor's office was worried that I may be in pre-term labor (which I'm not, but that was a fun two hours of freaking out in the inside while trying to keep cool and teach 16-year olds how to pass the Georgia High School Writing Test).  The verdict?  Not pre-term labor, but it looks like I'm going to be hella uncomfortable for the next couple of months.  Yesterday marked 30 weeks pregnant--70 according to Matt.  And I think I'm just going to tell people that from now on.  Yep, 70 out of 80 weeks down.  FOR LIFE.  Oh, and I'm not allowed to ellipt right now, which really sucks, because even though I spend about 23 hours of my day coming up with ways to avoid ellipting, I'm always really happy and proud of myself for actually doing it, and it was helping me not to be so uncomfortable or be such a worthless slug.

We had another little scare when our sweet baby bug got a 103.3 fever.  It turned out to break pretty quickly and be fine, but it merited a late-night phone call to Dr. Grandpa, and had us worried and doting on Sir Charles for the next day or so.

Other than that, our days have been filled with Chicken-Fil-A cookies and cream milkshakes, rewatching Parenthood (I hate Sarah Braverman with my entire heart and soul--and Matt's lucky that Zeke is a fictional character because if he wasn't then our marriage might be in trouble), and playing and playing and playing with toys. 

Here's what it's looked like around here.

 Redipulous sandwich.  Redipulous, bacon, and ciabatta (from Back in the Day Bakery--a super act of awesomeness by a super husband.) (Also, do we feel like the noun form of awesome should be awesomity?  Let's make that happen, the internet.)



Amazing yard sale score.  Former neighbor who died last year, Alma, had this in her house.  She used to make me pick figs from our back yard and bring them to her.  When delivering the figs one day, I saw this picture, and noted how awesome it was.  Her son was having a yard sale on Saturday, and I randomly heard about it.  So I threw Charlie in the car and went there and kind of begged for the picture.  Best $10 I've ever spent.  And I think it's going to look pretty awesome in our nursery, don't you?


 I got so pissed and felt gypped when I ordered these cookie cutters and realized they were missing the 9.  "Oh, what?" I thought, "Is there just like another number that looks like a 9 turned another way?"  It took a few minutes.

Charlie's getting political on us again.  I think he's going to have to stop going to those Tea Party rallies with Mitch.

 Price of admission for begging for chicken orzo soup?  Orzo fur.

 Worth it. (Says Mitch)

An attempt at having better lunches at school.  They're pretty, at least. 

Hope you're having a fun week!  And please tell me that you also can't stand Sarah Braverman.


  1. Sarah Braverman is the worst! Her voice grates on my nerves. But I love the show!

  2. After TOURING the main house on Parenthood (and visibly lusting after it) I'm trying to watch the show. I just get SOOO irritated with the parenting styles that I decide to stop watching it. But then I come back just to get glimpses of that wonderful house. It is just as good as the Max and Ruby house!!!

  3. awesomitty. I'm down. Let's make it happen.

  4. I'm glad Mitch is mange-free. Dog parasites are the worst. Maybe all parasites, but especially the dog ones! (And I'm glad to see you still love IKEA. Me too. I still have the awesome bike-tire mirror you and Maureen gave me.)

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