02 June 2013

No, We're Not Dead.

Hello, the internet.  It's been a while.

Here's what's going on: not much and so much at the same time.  It's just been really hard, busy, and at times insanely boring..  Working, babies, cleaning the kitchen 200 times a day, not getting enough sleep, spending way too much time watching The West Wing on Netflix.  I'll be honest, I've been a bit of a pill this week.  There have been some tantrums going on in our house.  Charlie has thrown most of them, but I have thrown a few, too.  Charlie's are usually because of things like we gave him milk or we closed a door or we wouldn't let him take Matilda's pacifier out of her mouth [again].  Mine have been more of the omigod-get-me-out-of-this-fucking-house-before-I-explode and the omigod-I-can-never-get-anything-done-when-I'm-holding-a-baby variety.  The good news is that I go back to work on Thursday (even if it is only for five days) and I have AP training at the end of the month, so there are things that I can do coming up that have nothing to do with diapers or holding babies or President Bartlet* or whatever showed up on my Facebook feed that day (PS--Facebook kind of makes me hate the world, yet I'm addicted to it).

That sounded really pouty and annoying, didn't it?  Imagine how Matt's feeling.

I actually want to get back to blogging, if only because I'm starting to become old and forgetful and I want to remember stuff that went on during these years.  And as soon as this newest baby of mine decides that people are allowed to put her down between the hours of 5:00 and midnight, I plan to get back to you.  It's certainly a better use of my time than checking Facebook again, right?  But I'll have to come up with things to share with you, because I refuse to believe that you want to hear daily boring rundowns of our life here.

Oh, and if you have sent us a gift or done something nice for us and haven't received a thank you note yet, blame Matilda.  I swear she has some sort of sixth sense that knows when I'm about to start working on them, and then she decides to scream her head off.  All I can take from this is that babies are really ungrateful.

But things aren't all fussy and bad around here.  Charlie is basically the cutest thing that's ever happened, and Matilda's working on getting there (newborns just aren't as cute--sorry).  He walks and runs and climbs and jumps and dances.  He recently started talking, too.  His little voice is just the sweetest, outdone only by his belly laughs.  Mitch is still my soulmate, and he and I are planning a little getaway together.  And Matilda seems to have red hair and blue eyes, which is kind of scary because it seems like she's exposing that affair I had with David Letterman last summer.

PS--Just heard Alex Trebek say "You are a dirty pirate hooker." Yes!

And, with that, the baby is crying again, demanding milk or whiskey or something.  She'll certainly get one of those.

You get a few pictures, though.

*Oh, I love you babies and President Bartlet, but I'm a little tired of you at the moment.**

**In other news, I've decided that my principal is basically President Bartlet, which is about as high of praise I can give to a boss.  I'm debating whether telling him how I had this realization would be seen as too much of a kissass move.

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