06 July 2013


Well, well.  Would you look at what the cat dragged in?

 (True fact: when I was little we had a cat named Ninny who was a hard core hunter and also a hard core slut, apparently, because she had kittens like every month or something.  Ninny would go off and kill squirrels and other rodents and stuff and eat their heads off and then either leave them on the front porch as a gift to us or try to bring them inside to her babies.  It was gross and also awesome.  True fact: Ninny went to live at a farm with about 600 of her babies.)

June was a pretty busy month for our little family.  Here's what we did: I went back to work for five days, made some cakes for coworkers who were moving on, watched students graduate (Lots of teachers hate graduation--I am not one of those teachers.  I love it!  And it makes me cry every time.), read two whole books (that's basically a record for me, the worst reader of all time), cleaned the kitchen one bazillion times, did infinity loads of laundry, bitched about how disorganized our house was, packed like crazy for trip to Virginia, drove to Virginia with two babies and a dog (spoiler alert: it was NOT a fun drive), visited friends and family in the Commonwealth, attended AP training so that I can teach AP Language next year (!!!!), played poker and won some cash money (Matt, not me), came home, organized the bejeezus out of the house because I just couldn't take it anymore, ran a buttload of errands, and tried to settle back into our new normal of life with two babies.

And throughout the month, I was struggling with/trying not to admit the fact that I, again, have postpartum depression.  Boooooo.  That shit's no joke.  Mother effing PPD getting me down, man!  But I finally accepted it and addressed it and am definitely on the upswing.  More on that later.

Babies are supes cute, still.  Dog is dreamy.  Husband is patient and wonderful.  I've got one more month before I have to report back to school, and I'm determined to make it awesome.

What have you been up to?

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