18 August 2013

Excuses, Excuses

What up, the internet?

It's been a hard couple of weeks around here.  Funny how all of the crap seems to happen at the same time, isn't it?  Matt has mono, and our car's battery died and stranded me and Charlie in the Target parking lot when it was two million degrees outside, and then I had to start school the next day, and Matilda is resisting having a normal bedtime with all of her little baby might, and I dropped my ipod and cracked the screen.  And then I flipped the eff out and cried like a tiny baby and Matt had to take the actual babies on a car ride so that I could vacuum the house--because apparently when everything else seems to be falling apart, I can find solace in a tidy house.

It hadn't been all bad, and things are certainly looking up, but it's been tough.  We will come through stronger it on the other side, though, like we always do.  And there have been some high notes, too, like the fact that I have an insanely good schedule this year, and Matt's starting to feel better, and I can have more than one glass of wine at a time, and Charlie discovered the wonder of making himself dizzy, and Matilda has become a little laughing fool.

And today?  Today was the highest high note of all.  From start to finish, it was just perfect.  Today was one of those fun, happy days that I would imagine in my cheerful "what will it be like when we have kids?" daydreams.  We played and laughed listened to Christmas music and read fun books and ate McDonald's breakfast and went to the park and then--get this--both babies took 3-hour naps AT THE SAME TIME.  So, yeah, it was a miracle day.  And I'm going to bed happy, looking forward to the week ahead.

And now let's look at pictures of my spawn, because they're funny.  And because Charlie's probably going to break our computer sometime soon when he climbs over furniture to get to it and then opens it to try to cue Sesame Street, so I need these stored somewhere I can get to them easily.

 This is how Matilda does tummy time.  

Helping Sister bounce.

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