05 April 2012

Things I Love about Not Being Pregnant

Things I love about not being pregnant:

1.  Stomach sleeping.  Being able to turn over in my sleep without having to wake up.
2.  Lunch meat, cold and delicious.
3. Margaritas.  Sure, there was only one, and I had to drink it right after feeding so that I didn't get my baby drunk, but still.  It was the most delicious margarita I've ever had.  Ever.
4.  Being able to drink more than 1 tablespoon of liquid without having to run to the bathroom.
5.  Being able to clip my own toenails.
6.  Not going to work.
7.  Not having strangers comment on how fat I am.
8. Not living in constant fear of childbirth.
9. Eating cookie dough without feeling guilty.

But the best things about not being pregnant?  

Finally getting to meet my favorite little buddy, my burrito worm.

Getting to see my furry firstborn become a big brother.

And getting to see my favorite man become a super daddy.  

My heart can hardly take it.


  1. I was having a weepy day already, and there you go pushing a girl over the edge.

  2. He's exceptionally cute! What an expressive little face he has already.



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