27 April 2012

One Month In

Well, my life currently revolves around a very cute, very demanding 5-week old human.  All I do is feed him and watch the news.  So unless you are interested in how many times he has eaten today (one million) or what is going on in the presidential race (Obama rules, Romney suuuuucks), I've got nothing.

Except for pictures.  

Coolest baby of 1987.

Sometimes CSF and I have an antagonistic relationship.

Oh, and I have this video for you in case you need to see hundreds more pictures of little Charlie.


  1. awwww...what a great visit with lil' Charlie!!! I asked Sue if he was talking yet (he is an amazing child...) and she said not quite yet, but he vocalizes all the time! what a sweet sweet baby!

  2. So freaking cute.
    - Shecky



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