06 September 2012

This and That

Hey, hey!  Just wanted to say hello to you, the internet, and fill you in on the mundane happenings around here lately.

1. School is kicking my ass.  I'm so tired and wiped out when I get home that I basically have enough energy to hang out with Baby Carlos for a while, put him to bed, and then become a vegetable myself.  I'm proud of myself when I have the energy to do a load of laundry or take a shower.  One million bonus points if I get to both.

2.  OMG BREAKING BAD!  The ending of that last episode just made me think and think and think about what will happen next.  I was thinking about Breaking Bad so much the other night that I couldn't even sleep despite how tired I was.

3.  Lots of people hate election season.  I love it.  I think I always have, even when I was a kid and didn't know anything. And it's no secret that Matt and I are pretty big Obamaniacs.  What you might not know is that I am a Biden-iac, too.  Love that guy and his handsome, winning smile.  I do think that [unless you're talking about Sarah Palin who's basically the biggest grossest gashwagon who's ever lived] it's important to just be really positive about the person you like instead of slamming the ones you don't.  So, I love my man Obam' and I love his policies and I love what he stands for.  And I love birth control.  And I love me some gays, too!  And I love the "Babies for Obama" onesie and "Cheers, Champ" coozie we ordered the other night.

4.  Earlier this week Charlie and I got into a big fight/debate/argument/battle over how much sleep a human should have.  Spoiler alert: baby thinks 2 hours per night is sufficient; I think 10 sounds better.  I'll win this battle yet, even if I have to wait until he's a teenager.

5.  Football started last night.  Here's what's awesome about football: Matt is happy, fantasy football, the weather tends to be nicer, pumpkin-flavored desserts (Um, do I only equate football with fall?  What about the ootb?).  Here's what's annoying about football: football.  Also, annoying people on Facebook and everyone who hates Pittsburgh.  I don't give a rat's ass about Pittsburgh, but every time I hear someone call it "Shittsburgh" I want to rip off my own arm and beat them with it.

6.  Check out the boy's lush lashes.  Matt puts mascara on him.

7.  And, finally, a Charlie cam of sorts for you.  Apparently, Mitch is just hilarious.  But we knew that already.  Now we have a new hobby, following Mitch around the house and laughing.  Mitch doesn't quite know what to make of it.

Only one more day this week to wake up early!  And I have to go now because the most handsome vice president of all time just came on the TV!


  1. omfg, Breaking Bad. I watched like, 3 seasons in 2 days. WHY ISN'T IT 2013 RIGHT NOW?

    also, dem eye lashes. Holy crap.

  2. I am so in love with Barack, but I am more in love with Michelle. I also love gays and birth control. To another four years!

  3. totally adorable. totally! you just made me having to work on a Friday bearable. In fact this video will now be my official "what the hell I have to work on Friday so I'll watch this video and be happy" video.



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