21 July 2009

Harry is hairy!

I'm as big a Harry Potter fan as the next (but not as big a fan as, say, Chloe) but I couldn't help but be creeped out by Harry's (okay, Daniel's) chest hair on the most recent cover of Entertainment Weekly. What is he, twenty? How is he that hairy?

Zoom in if you must. There's a lot.

PS--the movie was great. I must admit that I love all of the Harry Potter movies, but have trouble differentiating them from one another. They all seem the same to me, but I love them.

Kind of like Hugh Grant characters in movies.


  1. I agree about the Harry Potter movies. I've never read the books, but I love the movies, however they do all seem very similar. And Hugh Grant does always play the same character.

  2. Oh, the Hugh Grant character. Kind of an asshole, but always charming. I especially like him in About a Boy.

    I've read all of the Harry Potter books but the last, and I keep making Matt tell me what happened. It's possible that I've become illiterate.



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