15 July 2009

M Cubed Vacations: Maryland

Though we only spent two days in Maryland, those two days were busy busy busy. We spent most of the time at Grandma's house. Grandma had recently upgraded her cell phone to a Blackberry, and Chloe was happy to introduce her to the glory of YouTube. As Chloe put it: Grandma's in the beginning stages of her YouTube obsession where she mostly just watches laughing babies. Grandma spent much more time enjoying her Blackberry than I would have expected from a 65-year old farmer's wife.

Mitch got to reunite with an old dog girlfriend: Doo Doo Brown. Seriously, the dog's name is Doo Doo.
And we got to see my brother Jordan, who is one of the funniest people I know (kind of Mitch Hedberg style) and does not like to have his picture taken.
Chloe also introduced us to Jim Bob, the lizard she won at the carnival. It grossed me out.

My dad, some of you know him as The Bruce, cooked up an incredible meal for all of us. He recreated the menu from the Matt and Mandy wedding extravaganza.
What is wrong with my sister? Doesn't she know that nature is out to get her? I'm pretty sure I saw that lizard spying on me from outside my window.

I've got more pictures to post and more to share about our trip, but I think I'm going to follow Mitch's lead and go to sleep instead.
Vacations make dogs and people tired.

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