22 September 2011

This and That: The With Child Edition

I totes promise that not every post is going to be about this stuff, but I haven't been able to talk about it for two months, so I've got some things to share, some questions to answer.

1.  At first, I was really afraid to sneeze because I thought I'd sneeze out The Blast.  I'm starting to get less afraid of that now.

2.  I really, really, really miss wine and margaritas.  Maybe that makes me a big ol' lush, but I don't care.  When Matt gets a margarita when we go to Mexico, I just huff it and pretend that I am feeling its leg tingling effects.  Then I look down and say something sweet and maternal through gritted teeth along the lines of, "You had better be so smart and so cute."

See you in April, old friend.

3.  Oh, I'm 13 weeks along.  Blast is due on March 28, which is the day after my birthday.  I'm really selfishly afraid that it's going to steal my birthday.  I am shooting for an April 1 birthday because I think that would make for fun future birthday parties, and because I want my birthday to come first.  Also, no, this is not one long joke.

4.  I haven't had morning sickness at all, and I'm hoping that I'm in the clear on that one.  I have been tired as a mofo, but that's pretty much how I am anyway, so it hasn't been all that different.  Oh, and food cravings, I have those, too.  But, again, kind of like me in non-pregnant form.  Crying easily?  Duh.  So, yeah, basically I have spent my entire adult life pregnant in the first trimester, except that I could drink wine and jump on trampolines and go in hot tubs and do street drugs.*

5.  Sometimes it just seems boring to only have a chance of having a boy or a girl.  What if it could be a polar bear, or a cheetah, or an American Dingo??!!  Matt says that would actually suck because then you'd run the risk that it could be a cockroach or something gross like that.  He kind of has a point there.  But what about an elephant?  Nope--too long without wine.  Human boy or girl will be fine, I suppose.

6.  Our office room looks like a baby store!  More on that later.  By the way, they make so much crap for babies.  It's really overwhelming.

7.  Yes, we're hoping that Mitch doesn't eat it.

8.  The name will not start with an M.  Our name alliteration was unintentional, and I'm nervous about people thinking we're like the Duggars or something.  And, unfortunately, we're probably not going with any WTF initials, even though that would be SO AWESOME.  Wouldn't you love it if you could initial things WTF? Or get monogrammed towels that said WTF?  Amazing.  Maybe we'll have to rethink that one?

9.  I don't know if we'll change the name of the blog or not.  Can I just add a plus to it and make it like an equation or something?  I don't know, though.  I'm not very mathy.  If you've got ideas, let me know.

10.  Got an ultrasound at 10 weeks and thought that perhaps I was growing a young Voldemort.

11.  This kid is huge.  Huge, I tell you!  I'm really afraid of giant babies because I watched my mom birth my 10 pound 14 ounce brother at some hippie natural birthing center when I was 4.  I've always known that there was a chance that I would have a giant, Weekly World News kind of kid, which is one of the many reasons I resisted this whole pregnant thing for so long.  At our first appointment, Blast measured 4 days ahead.  At the second, 5.  At the latest appointment, Blast was measuring 10 days ahead, which is, well, huge.  So maybe it's not a Voldemort so much as it's a Hagrid?

And with all that said, we couldn't be happier, and we can't wait to meet and then groom a little human to be way more awesome than either of its parents.

*One of the lists of what I couldn't eat or drink or do now mentioned that I should be avoiding street drugs.  Oh, shoot.  No more angel dust for me, I suppose.**

**That is a joke.  I only do heroin.***

***Also a joke.



    Wow. And I thought my life had gotten all interesting in the last month, wow.

    Dibs on naming the baby by the way.


  2. Maybe Blast is not 10 days ahead, but right on time and your conception date is 10 days behind, so he won't be Scary Hoo-Ha Ripping Huge? (I have no understanding of Determining Conception Dates and fetal measuring, obv)

    And I instantly thought M^3+1 for your title, but that makes me think of Kate Goslin (evil) and algebra (also evil). Feldmann Family Folies? The Adventures of M Cubed and Blast?

  3. Steve, no you can't name our baby Sarah Palin. I know it's been your dream, but no.

    Audrey, yeah, it would be nice if we were just off with dates, but I was being pretty exact this summer and know all the dates I'm supposed to know. Shoot. What if we just change the name to M Cubed: Blast Off!? Will that work?

  4. I like M Cubed: Blast Off!

    My other idea was "Three M's and a Little Baby". You can photoshop yours, Matt's, Mitch's and Blast's on the movie poster for 3 Men and a Little Lady.



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