01 September 2011

This and That

1.  So, Tanya told me that once a woman turns 30, her chances of being attacked drop by like 75%.  So that's comforting.  Now that I'm thirty I am too old and too frumpy to be worth attacking.  Matt says that it's because 30-years olds aren't walking around downtown drunk and stupid.  I say it's because of gravity.  Either way, it's nice to know that I'm less likely to be attacked.

2.  Nothing makes you feel older than high schoolers who are writing essays about time travel.  When they ask, "So, how were the '80s for you?" as though they're talking about the early days of the Roman Empire, you will feel old.  Also, they don't get Saved by the Bell references.  What is this world coming to?  And how am I supposed to teach what an aside is now?

3.  Happy birthday to Caitie!  It's not so bad, Cait.  Hell, you're less likely to be attacked!

4.  Someone buried a Milk Bone in the back yard.

5.  I am so proud of Tyler and Catelynn on Teen Mom.  Those kids sure are doing their best!  Keep on keepin' on, Tyler and Catelynn (and keep using birth control)!

6.  We got new neighbors in the house behind ours, and they have some kind of yellow lab mix dog.  He's cute.  Here's the thing, though.  He's Mitch's bark twin, and he barks a good bit, and I always end up walking to the back to see what's wrong with my pup, only to find that he's sitting on the couch or under the bed just chillaxin'.  I wonder if Mitch is weirded out by his bark twin?

Oh, you want to see another picture of my dog sitting on the couch?  Okay!

7.  When I was at the BlogHer conference a few weeks back, I got a bunch of swag.  (Definitely can't talk about swag without feeling super douchey like Michael Scott on The Office.)  I ended up leaving most of it on a park bench with a note for someone to just take it because I had a tiny suitcase and all of the shipping stores were closed.  But I held on to a few items, one of which was a Tempurpedic all-purpose pillow.  OMf'ingG this is the greatest pillow that man has ever created.  I basically carry it around from room to room, finding excuses to lie down (not hard to do) just so that I can use the pillow (and, also, be lazy).  It's a little pricey for a small pillow, but I'm obsessed.  I want about five more.  

8.  Making this for dinner right now.  (Yes, at 11:45.  We're nocturnal.)

9.  Making this for dinner for tomorrow.

10.  Haven't been this excited to see a Friday come in a while.  It's been a long week, and teenagers make me tired (why do they keep asking me questions all the time?).  Plus, we've got some awesome company arriving Saturday afternoon.  Plus, THREE DAY WEEKEND!  Woo-hoo!

To sum up, let's extend three cheers to the following: food, pillows, dogs, awesome in-laws, Fridays, days of labor that are actual lazy days, Caities, birthdays, and not being attacked.

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