14 September 2011


Here's how a conversation between Cassie and me evolves (devolves).

First, I read a Dear Prudie column about a lady who seems only to be attracted to men who are swingers.

Then, I write to Cassie, telling her that I read the letter that she sent in to Prudie and that we all knew Hugh was a swinger all along.  She agrees, and wonders how she could ever have thought him so perfect.**

Later I found this article that discusses the top ten signs a couple will divorce.  Number one?  Being swingers.  So,  naturally, I sent it Cassie's way.

An exchange:

Cassie: Who knew swinging was such an issue?

Me: I think swinging is like camping.  It seems like it would be fun, but really it's just wet and gross and you wake up in the morning wondering why you make such bad life choices.

Cassie: Oh, and there are weird sounds you've never heard before and you are stuck in an uncomfortable bed all night wondering how in the world you got here.***

*The title of this post could also have been, "How the hell would I get through by day without email?"

**For the record, I don't think that Hugh and Cassie are getting divorced any time soon.

***It should also be noted, Grandma, that we are not swingers and have no plans to become swingers.

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