18 September 2011


After having a "less than fun" day with students on Friday (was it a full moon or something?), I came home and decided that I needed a Brothers & Sisters nap before I did anything else.  Then I threw a temper tantrum while I was on the phone with Matt because the wiimote batteries were dead and I had to get out of bed to go get more.  I proceeded to growl breathe on the phone with Matt for a few minutes until he wisely said something along the lines of, "Oh man, I'll see you when I get home.  I'm going into a dead zone." Fortunately for him, I was asleep by the time he got home (like 15 minutes later).

But then when I woke up four hours later, I realized that I'd caught the cold that he'd spent the whole week fighting, and then I was super pissed.  So I went to Target to pick up my cure for a cold, a bottle of Simply Grapefruit juice (this cure is 90% placebo effect and 10% vitamin C, but it works pretty well) and some fancy cough drops (I am a cough drop addict, as is my dog).

Then I wasted my Saturday away taking approximately 12 more Brothers & Sisters naps, drinking another entire Simply Grapefruit juice, making some tasty chicken noodle soup, and pouting because my cold cure had failed.  This morning I finally changed out of the clothes I was wearing on Friday.  I haven't taken a shower in seven weeks.


The good news, though, is that I had a freezer full of popsicles, and I found a water bottle at Target that is basically just a sippy cup for grown-ups that I could prop up against a pillow so that I could just roll over slightly to enjoy some nice, cold water.  And the weather was out of control perfection, so I had all of the windows open and enjoyed the nice breeze.  And tonight I got super inspired and attempted to make some mini pumpkin cakes. They're delicious, but I definitely didn't have the right pans, so they look kind of like hobo cakes.  Oh well.  I'd rather have delicious ugly food than disgusting beautiful food.  Right?  Right?

 Brothers & Sisters nap #9.

 If Simply Grapefruit doesn't work, maybe Ben & Jerry's will?

New laundry baskets make me happy.  Also, I am old.

Mitch loves the smells of fall. 

 Totes super glued my fingers together.

 It's all very Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Well, shoot.

Here's to a new week, getting rid of this stupid cold, and more open window days.

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