16 November 2011

Movie Star

If you're interested, check out the little video of Blast from this week's appointment.  He starts opening his mouth around 1:40, which is my favorite.  Oh, and he's still a boy.  No Rachel situation here.

And if you're so inclined, check out his rabies-afflicted big brother barking at his bone on the bed.

Are you totally judging me for being the person who just put a video of her ultrasound on the internet?  Yeah, I kind of am, too.  In my defense, though. . .oh shoot, I've got nothing.  If I can't get drunk or ride roller coasters, though, I've got to do something to entertain myself.


  1. You're allowed to be a little excited. You made a person! ;)

  2. haha, I love ultra sounds, especially for that split second when all you can see is a spine floating in amniotic fluid. So sci-fi. Are you going to get a 3D one?

    Glad to see Blast is doing well!



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