28 November 2011


Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful around here.  The weather was glorious, the food was fattening, the dogs were cute, the couch was comfortable.  I had the whole week off (!), and enjoyed every single minute of it.  This past weekend, Chloe and I trekked down to Orlando to visit with our family down there where we ate and were spoiled rotten.

The week was happy and full and fun and relaxing and exactly what I needed.  Miss Chloe was an absolute delight, and I was very sad to see her go today.  Our human child will be very luck to have such a fun, cool aunt.

Here's what our holiday looked like, in way, way too many pictures.

 Well, hello there, 75 degrees!

Pumpkin crunch at Back in the Day.  I want to go to there.  For serious.

Torturing Reilly.

 Bought this table at a thrift store for $10.  Definitely thought it was smaller than it was.  The guys at the store didn't have any rope to tie it in my car, so they tied ties together.  So for $10, I got a table and four ties.  Score!

 Mmmmmmm, Vinnie's.  

 Chloe hearts crumbly pie crust ice cream topping.  She tried to take it with us to see Breaking Dawn.  Yes, we went to see Breaking Dawn.  In other news, I hate Bella.  And Edward and Jacob are both gross.

 Thanksgiving morning pumpkin pancakes with cranberries.

Angry Birds break.

 I'm obsessed with this cranberry apple casserole.

 Totes slept in that shirt and wore it all Thanksgiving day.  

 Dog plates.

Chloe became obsessed with making sweater skirts using old sweaters and this tutorial.

 Watching skydivers in Florida.

 Grandma and Darcey.

 "This is how the queen waves."

Chloe also became obsessed with marshmallowing.  After we made a batch of peppermint at Grandma's, I talked her through making another batch of vanilla once we got back home.  You know what I always say: "Give a girl a marshmallow, and you feed her for a day.  Teach a girl to marshmallow and you feed her for a lifetime."

So it's back to real life now.  Fortunately, I really like my real life (even if I do have to be at work at 7:00).  Also, fortunately, Christmas vacation starts on the 16th.  Fourteen school days and counting. . .


  1. I'm pretty sure I like my vacation life better than my real life. My real life is boring and my vacation life is mysterious and exciting, you never know what you're going to do with 4 days off from work!

  2. I can't beleive that you said you hated Breaking Dawn. Seriously, how are we even friends?

  3. Mary, the tie is yours if you want it. (But it's a little stretched out, I think.) Message me your address.

    And Breaking Dawn made me want to hang myself.



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