13 November 2011

Weekend Fun

This was one of those weekends where I did very little, which was exactly as planned.  As promised days ago, there was some ellipting, there were many episodes of Parenthood, and there was lots of eating. There were two lunch dates, and there was some shopping (almost finished Christmas shopping!)--until I remembered that I was avoiding teenagers for the weekend and that, perhaps, the mall wasn't the best place to go on a Saturday night.  One student sighting was enough to send me on my merry way, back home to the warm embrace of Netflix instant, fresh sheets, and a dog who acts like he may have rabies.

Right now I'm happy and motivated because I've only got five more days of school until Thanksgiving (I'll give thanks for a whole week off!), and my favorite sister is going to be here visiting.  Five days.  Piece of cake.  Or, as it should be said, bowl of pumpkin cheesecake ice cream (which will be making an appearance at our Thanksgiving feast).  And tomorrow we have a doctor's appointment and get to have an ultrasound.  It'll be nice to see little Blast.  We haven't seen him in like two months.

Oh, and I'm happy, too, because my favorite old couple team on The Amazing Race is kicking ass and taking names.  And because I just ate four tacos.  

Here's what our weekend looked like.  It's all food, which is about right.

 Bacon jam sandwich from Back in the Day!  

Scurvy prevention.

Hope you have a lovely week.  What have you been eating?  Are you finished Christmas shopping?  Does your dog have rabies?  


  1. This weekend we made homemade deep dish Chicago style pizza. No joke, best pizza I have ever eaten. Also we did a "quick" dining room reno. I don't have a dog, but I do have cats (I know Mitch hates cats) and I'm fairly sure they don't have rabies.


  2. I've been using little wants to search craigslist and get my christmas shopping done!




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