20 January 2012

Love and Marriage

After getting home from work, starving, and remembering that we had basically no food in the house, I put on my sweatpants, got into bed, and texted Matt: "I need a sandwich or else the fetus will begin to eat my heart."  Seconds later, I heard a buzzing.  It was the vibration of Matt's phone on his dresser!  Oh no!  How was I to get a sandwich now?!?!

Now, an exchange when he finally returned home from work, sandwichless.

Me: Well, I was going to just call work but then I thought you might be unnecessarily worried that there was a problem.

Matt: I would have known it was about a sandwich.

Me: Because a lack of sandwiches IS a problem!


  1. A lack of sandwiches IS a problem! Tell that Matt to feed the beautiful pregnant lady her sandwiches!

  2. ...now I have the "Married with Children" theme song going through my head and I want a sandwich.



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