12 January 2012

Lazy, Negligent, Impressive, and Exciting

Oh, shoot.  I've totally become one of those people who feels the need to apologize in every post for not posting as frequently.  So let's just toss out one big giant sorry that will cover all past and future blog negligence.  We've been busy soaking up the last couple of months of being a family of three, lying around and snugglin', eating too much (but like 75% healthy food, so that's okay, right?), and watching too much TV*.

The most impressive thing that I've done all week (if you don't include whipping up a batch of candied bacon ice cream) was taking down the Christmas stuff.  I think I need to find someone who will do that for pay.  Don't you think that person could make tons of money?  I mean, who actually likes taking down the Christmas stuff?

The most exciting thing that has happened lately was our discovery of the new dog park that the City of Savannah built FIVE BLOCKS away from our house.  I've basically been freaking out about its awesomeness since I found out about it.  There are red decorative fire hydrants, and picnic tables (for humans and for dogs), and there's a water source, and. . .wait for it. . .they are putting in dog pools that are SHAPED LIKE BONES!  I think this dog park has restored my faith in the universe.

The second most exciting thing that has happened lately is that I only gained 2 pounds over Christmas (for serious--I usually gain ten times that over a normal, non-pregnant Christmas holiday) and I passed my sugar test, so I don't have to feel guilty every time I inhale a loaf of bread or eat a 3 lb. serving of macaroni and cheese.  And the boy is looking good in there.  It was a little less exciting to learn that his head is measuring three weeks ahead of schedule (thanks, Matt) (giant head for giant brains?), but good to know that the boy is healthy and happy.

And my favorite friend of Matt's came to visit and now I'm trying to find him a bride (preferably not child or mail-order) and a dog so that he'll be less crotchety (but let's be honest--it's his crotchetiness that makes me love him).

We've got a big ol' exciting weekend ahead of us, so stay tuned for that.  And I think I'm giving myself a March 1 deadline to have the nursery done, so at this rate it'll only be like four blog posts away.

Baby wolf was so tired after dog park fun.

 If you insist on making silly faces, I will put them on the internet.

 Goodbye, old friend.  I will fill this void in my heart with ice cream.

 Why is pot roast so good?

 It makes me feel better about myself to put my Sam's club purchases in bags from hipper, more respectable stores.

 I think they thought they were in a police lineup.

 This man needs a bride.  Any takers?  Also, should he get a husky or a golden retriever (for a dog, not for a bride)?

Mitch loves his brother.  Either that or he is trying to smother him.  Let's hope it's the former.

I totes need to wear a big ol' H on my chest.  I have hated these 4-d ultrasounds every time I've seen one because I think they are scary and terrifying.  But when our sassy ultrasound lady flipped it into 4-d mode (which I didn't even know she could do), I was mesmerized.  Also, I think he is about to nibble on his toenails.  And Chloe says he is melting.

What was the most impressive or exciting thing that's happened to you all week?  And did it involve a pool shaped like a bone?

*I don't know about you, but here at M Cubed we LOVE presidential election time.  The Republican primaries have been especially entertaining, though they have caused a little bit of division in our home.  Mitch, our staunch Tea Partier, was devastated when Michele Barkman dropped out of the race.  It was almost as sad as when his previous favorite, Herman Canine, dropped out.  Now he's all about Ron Paw.  Matt and I were rooting for any of those, or just for Jon Huntsman--the others because their craziness was sure to lose the GOP the general election, and Huntsman for his actual brains and raw good looks.

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  1. I'll totally be his bride, but only if he gets the husky. And the husky gets to be a bride, and I get to be the dog. Dogs seem to have very relaxing lives. That's cool right?
    - Shecky



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