23 January 2012

Weekend Roller Coaster

Cassie and Hugh gave Mitch Camel two years ago.  It is still the only toy he won't destroy, 
maybe because they "dance" every night before bed.  Kind of gross, but mostly just hilarious.

The first part of our weekend was awesomepants.  There was Mexican food and frozen yogurt and catching up on TV shows and talking and snuggling with the pup.  It was a return to real life that we needed after two months of pretty frequent traveling and visitors.  Saturday, I went to Back in the Day Bakery (passed my glucose test which means that I'm now inhaling as many baked goods as I damn well please--should be fun to see the scale at tomorrow's appointment), and finally had the motivation and the energy to begin tackling some of the nagging projects on our "buckle down before baby" to-do list.  And since the weather was absolutely glorious, I opened all the windows and rocked out with organizing and purging (trash) and projecting.  Hell, I even sewed some stuff and only almost-cried once!  

 After we smelled burning plastic, it was time to bid adieu to the bistro lanterns.  Safety first!

Organizing, but clearly not vacuuming. 


I am obsessed with this little walker.

Matt and I had planned to make Sunday a day of delicious feasting and football (I don't care about football but I do like to see Tom Brady throwing and being handsome, and I was just happy the games were on at home so I would have a Matt around all day), and when I went to Publix to get the goods, it had started pouring and the Publix people had me pull my car up to the front of the store where they loaded my groceries for me (see: Publix is amazing)! I came home, kept the windows open, and listened to the rain.  And Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary!  It was awesome.  

Until Sunday morning, when I woke up with a stomach bug.  "Stomach bug" is way too kind a word for this dehumanizing, awful illness that I had.  And then, all day, there was purging of a different variety.  Mother F!  Everything made me puke.  At one point, Matt had gone into the other room to ellipt and I turned the channel to HBO where Valentine's Day was playing.  Matt warned me: "Don't watch that, or you'll have to vomit again."  I should have heeded his warning, because sure enough, after witnessing about 3 minutes of Ashton Kutcher working at a flower stand, I was saying adios to my glass of ginger ale.  On top of feeling like complete horseshit, I kept feeling really guilty, thinking that I was starving the baby.  He'd kick and I just knew he was trying to remind me that he needed some food.  We're making up for that today, since I'm mostly better, showered, and going all Velveteen Rabbit on our stuff (but with the washer and dryer instead of fire).   

Kraft mac & cheese = miracle food.  It's not good or good for me, but something about the comfort and 
nostalgia of the orangey goodness made it the only thing I could keep down all day.

I'm not at school today (trying to prevent this from happening), and I'm going for a take two.  Let's just pretend that yesterday never happened.  Except that I just put it on the internet.  Shoot.

Let's try this again.

What did you do this weekend?  And are you so happy that we'll be seeing handsome Tom Brady again in a couple of weeks?

*Totes loaned my camera to a friend, so we've got all Instagram pictures today.  Obviously I'm far behind the times on this one, but what fun!


  1. Larry joined you in your sickfest yesterday. What is so embarrassing is that I didn't hear him get up to ahem purge once that nite. I am a truly awful wife.

  2. Oh man, I hope he's feeling better! I'm sure you were wonderful at taking care of him once you woke up.



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