26 March 2012


Matt and I had big plans for Friday.  We were going to come home from work, take a family snuggle nap, wake up and make carbonara, and then go see The Hunger Games.

But instead I had a baby.

Yep.  I got home from school at around 3:10, ate a cheese sandwich, caught up on my Words with Friends games, and then went to lie down for my nap.  And then I had a contraction, and then five minutes later another.  And then about six hours later we got to meet Charlie.*

And we're in love.

More later.

Oh, and if you want to see some of the millions of photos that I'm taking of this child, go here.  I'll just update that album so that I'm not cluttering up Facebook and the entire internet with pictures of our really cute, brilliant, advanced baby.

*Never did get that nap.  Maybe in 20 years?


  1. CONGRATS! I about died over the pictures of Charlie and Mitch. They are going to be bffs.

  2. Such a sweet baby!! and what an intelligent expression on his cute little face!! congrats to both of you!!!

  3. He and Mitch look like besties already. And naps are not a thing of your past, you just don't get to choose when you take them.

  4. Do you think that Charlie is giving you the evil eye there?? I think he's mad that you woke HIM up from a nap!!!

  5. PUT UP AS MANY PICTURES AS YOU WANT!! I think I speak for all your readers when I say, You've been pregnant for, like, 18 months, so we are all absolutely dying to see him!

    Also, I'm in love.

    And he looks like you and I can't get over it.

    NEXT WEEK!!!!



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