18 March 2012

Weekend Fun

Oh, you know what we don't have yet?  A baby.  Last Monday's doctor's appointment left Matt and me both in a little panic after our doctor and nurses all seemed to act like little CSF would be arriving sooner rather than later, so we rushed all last week to get every pre-baby task completed.  I was instructed to take it easy (after doc offered to just let me go to the hospital and have the baby on Thursday if we wanted) and to try to make it to the 26th when doc will be back from vacation (WTF, doctor? You can't go on vacation until April!).  So I've been trying to slow down and not do anything too strenuous.  By the way, I can't really remember the last time I was upset because I couldn't ellipt.

But the weather this week has been amazing and happy, and our windows have been open, the cookies have been delicious*, and the dog has been trying to melt our hears with his cuteness.  We sat out the St. Pat's celebration (though I hear that our sweet Savannah really outdid herself this year) and instead focused on tying up loose ends around the house and doing some baby reading.  As much as I would be thrilled to be finished being pregnant and to meet our boy, I know that it's better to try to get as close to our due date as possible (mostly because of the boy's lung development and the fact that the longer I can go, the less time I'll have to spend at school at the end of the year).  So we're chilin' out max and relaxin' all cool and all--and I'm getting pretty bored with it, quite frankly.  I give myself a little pep talk/reminder about every 2 hours that it's better to wait, it's better to wait. . .

Here's what it's looking like around these parts lately.

 If I lean forward, I can see my toes!  Also, I am forever covered in dog fur.

 Lizard hunting.

Kept seeing these yogurt dot things on Pinterest, and, honestly, I thought they were pretty gimmicky.  But Shecky and I were talking about them, and I decided to give them a try.  The verdict: awesomeness.  They're fun and easy and addictive and taste like they're way worse for you than they are.  Mitch is a big fan, too!

So that's what our life is looking like in these last days before our boy comes, the calm before the storm, if you will.  

What have you been up to?  

*Made the Back in the Day Bakery chocolate chip cookies again.  Made half with chocolate chips and half with Reese's Pieces.  I've eaten approximately 6 a day since Thursday.  Shoot.

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