13 March 2012

My Sister Is Better Than Your Sister.

My sister is better than your sister, and not just because she posted these two pictures of herself on Saturday. . .

Oh, is my sister a nice girl, or an evil goat rabbit?

. . .but also because she fills me in on all of the things that are hip with the teens these days.

For example, tonight she taught me some new terms (and also claims to have invented pops, but I assured her that Shecky and I were the creators of pops and that she's just desperately trying to be us).  So, if you're needing to save yourself some time and show everyone around you that you are hip and cool, take a cue from Chloe.

Is your mother-in-law crazy?  Not anymore.  Now she's just cray.

Is that baby so ugly? Not anymore.  Now it's just ug.

And does George Clooney look gorgeous in that tuxedo?  Nope.  George is gorge.  

See.  Aren't you feeling more hip already?

Chloe also told me about a couple of other awesome things, like how indirect status updates are all the rage on Facebook.  What is an indirect status, Chloe?  "An indirect status is like when annoying girls post stuff that's obviously directed toward someone, but they don't say it.  Like, if I were having relationship troubles because some girl was talking to my boyfriend, I could post something like, 'relationships are for two, but apparently some bitches can't count.'"  

If you ask me, that's totes cray.

Oh, and she also told me that if you google "do a barrel roll," something awesome happens.  Do it now!

Are you totes jeal that I have a Chloe and you don't, or what?

1 comment:

  1. haha, my friends and I call posting an indirect status "vague-booking".

    sheeeit's cray cray.



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