25 July 2012

Home Again!

Jiggity jig, y'all!

(No need to fetch a fat pig from the market, however, as after 10 days of vacation the fat pig is the one sitting here at the computer, typing instead of exercising for the necessary 400 hours.)

We made it!  For the last week and a half, our little family has been wreaking havoc up the eastern seaboard.        What a fun trip it was, too!  So many friends, so many introductions to our young babe (who was, at times, Charming Charlie, at others, Evil Chucky*).  So many laughs, so many hugs, so many glasses of wine, so many rounds of Wits and Wagers.  We can go ahead and put our first vacation in the huge success column.  So successful that I took very few pictures.

(Let's just forget that afternoon when I discovered that my favorite dog on the planet was covered in ticks after too much lake fun.  Grossest afternoon ever, pulling about 100 tiny little ticks off of him and then out of the carpet.  I'll be itching and squirming for months.)


 Meeting Uncle Jordan.

Charming Charlie meets Grampa The Bruce.

We arrived home at about 4:30 a.m. today, and I extended high praise to the Mandy of eleven days ago who freaked out and demanded that the house be clean before we left, and then cussed the universe when I learned that we have new next-door neighbors, and they have 3 yappy dogs and one pitbull who likes to escape.  Lovely.

But we're home.  And happy.  And determined to teach the kid to nap (best laid plans?), to tackle a few house projects, and to finish recharging for the last few weeks before school starts again.

*Also, baby believes that he needs to be held 100% of the day (during which he takes NO naps).  He is currently in his swing, while I pretend not to notice that he's totally glued to the Olympic soccer game.  I decided that this is a case of "choose your battles."  Plus, the Olympics are wholesome and colorful.  And shouldn't Chippy learn to be a global citizen if he's going to be successful later?


  1. Replies
    1. (and also great to meet Young Sir Charles!)

    2. Great to see you guys, too!

  2. Glad you had a good time!!! Your Dad hadn't aged a bit!!! He still looks exactly the same as he did the last time I saw him & Jordan is all grown up now!!! Soo happy you made such fun memories on your vacation!! Miss you!!

  3. I am celebrating that our neighbors have just moved 3 states away, taking those noisy little snack-sized dogs with them!



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