02 July 2012

Not Exciting, Necessarily, But Good.

Life is kind of quiet (Quiet in terms of activity and adventure, but not really noise.  Sir Charles likes to fill silence with his waaah waaaahs.  He's all "Waaaah, waaaaah, give me milk!" and "Waaaaaah, waaaah, hold me!"  Kid totes needs to learn some new words.) around here lately.  I'm still working on adjusting to the reality that I just can't get as much done as easily as I used to.  I've almost accepted it now.  But I will continue to try to cling to my old lifestyle, even if it means that I have to prop Charlie up in his high chair and keep him happy by explaining to him everything I know about baking--how to measure flour, why it's important for the butter to be room temperature, why you MUST read the entire recipe before you begin--if I want to make myself a batch of blueberry pie bars.  Kid's going to win over all of the ladies with cookies in a few years.

Speaking of the ladies, Chucky met his favorite girl again last week, when her mom and dad were in town for the afternoon.  It was kind of hilarious, since I don't think either of them had ever really spent any time around another baby.  

And we've been spending a lot of time around the house, taking turns wrangling the babe, trying to make our house look less like a place inhabited by barnyard animals and giant plastic objects.  We've gone to the beach a handful of times, gone to the park almost daily, and even managed to fit in some naps.  What, what!?

Here's a little bit of what it's looked like around here lately.

I can't get enough of berries in colanders.  

Had to buy a new washing machine.  I hated that we had to get it, but I'm kind of in love with it now.  It sounds like a spaceship!

Dog spotter.

Our house has been overtaken with kid stuff.


Look who's not wearing a cone!

Full disclosure: my laundry situation was out of control today.  Embarrassing.  And here's why I love the 50mm lens.

Mother F!  Who lives here?  A family of gypsy hoarders?

Haha, crazy baby eyes.

The greatest dog who has ever lived.  Earlier this week, he informed us that Lassie was based on him.  Heard.

Hope you have a great Independence Day!  Don't set yourself on fire!  

1 comment:

  1. Love the Chucky and Pen picture. The hair!!
    Are you totes loving your washing machine? It's been two years and I still love mine. . . Sad? or Awesome?
    -The Sheckster



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