29 July 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend started off a bit rocky after Baby Charlie got his 4-month shots that left him feeling crappy and feverish.  So we coddled him and cuddled him and catered to his every want (is that really all that different from what we do anyway?), and told him again and again, "It's better than Polio, bud."  I left a voicemail for Shecky on Saturday evening announcing that I'd finally changed out of my pajamas. . .into another pair of pajamas. Shoot.

But today?  Today was productive and happy and glorious!  Matt said it well when he said that he must have an awesome life if he can be so happy after a day of running errands, cleaning the house, and cooking dinner.  Agreed.  Our house is cleaner, our baby is happier, the refrigerator is full, and there's a sweet pup lying at our feet.  Does it get much better?

Well, it would be better if there wasn't an army of evil jumpy frogs waiting for me every time I walk outside.

But we can't win 'em all.

Here's what it's been looking like around here.

 Baking apprentice.

I am obsessed with this cup.  It gets me to drink more water.  Even better, when I am using it I feel like a Nancy Botwin who makes slightly better decisions.

 Full disclosure: I put these books on the mantle only because of their colors.  But now I kind of like the mix. Who doesn't like Sloppy Firsts?

Meal planning!  (Almost all of these are from our new favorite cookbook [that you should go buy right now], Dinner: A Love Story.)

Pasta with sausage and crispy broccoli!  An immediate make-again!  Matt and I fought over who got the leftovers, and I pulled out my trump card of needing the nutrients since I'm nursing our child.

Oh, and I have to share two things that make my heart swell from lately.  The first is that Charlie seems to have a favorite musician, and it is Will Smith.  Whether we're singing the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or I'm impressing him with my rendition of "Miami," the kid effing loves clean rap.  The second is that Mitch and Charlie seem to be more interested in one another lately.  I expect this attraction to get stronger as Charlie starts to eat real food (and throw it on the floor around his high chair).  Watch at the end of this video to see Mitch give his camel (favorite toy of the last three years) to his baby brother.

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  1. AAAAAA! He is so cute! And the pictures are amazing--- I found myself smiling along with him. Stop action turned video- you're so creative :)




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