14 August 2012

Laugh, Dammit!

So a couple of months ago when Charlie was basically just a parasite who did nothing but feed on my pain, I kept trying to get him to laugh.  When he laughed, I thought, he'd be more fun. (See, also: sleeping through the night, being content not being held for more than five seconds, and fetching me the remote.)

So I tried and tried.  I used all of my best tricks.  The alphabet in Spanish?  Tried it.  Funny faces (including my world-famous awesome Cosby face)?  Nothing. My Forrest Gump impression?  Nope.  My moving rendition of "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid?  Boring, apparently.

After a while I turned to the trick that had gotten the kid of some of my best friends, Rachel and Ross, to laugh: "Baby Got Back."  Oh, how I sang to my son about juicy doubles and other desires he should learn about from someone else!  All for a little laugh that he wouldn't deliver until Matt basically shook him and laughed himself in a ridiculous voice.

Anyway, not sure why I decided to tell you about that.  Oh yeah, it was supposed to transition into me showing you this awesome video of 295 clips put together to sing the song that Charlie doesn't think is funny.  The transition is pretty abrupt, sure, but it's okay because this next video is too awesome.

Why is that so fun?

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