13 August 2012

What Up, Buttercup?

It's been a weird, gross, very hard and at the same time very awesome week up in here.

If I used this blog to bitch about work, there would be many paragraphs of me complaining about work right here.

And if I used this blog to bitch about family drama, there would be many paragraphs of me complaining about family drama here.

I do use this blog to tell you about gross stuff that happens, though.  So how about I tell you about how the other day I was washing the tablecloth that's on the table in the Carport Bistro, and I balled it up and tossed it into the washer and then did the load in hot water (note: our water gets VERY hot) and then when the cycle was done and I reached into the washer to get the clothes I grabbed something slimy.  That slimy something was a dead, stretched out, cold, wet, slimy jumpy frog.  I screamed and ran in circles for like one hundred minutes and when Shecky (who had the pleasure of being on the phone with me during the incident) asked if I was being murdered, I could only reply with, "WORSE!"  

So that was gross.  

In less gross and less frustrating news, my dog child, the greatest dog who's ever lived, has taken to going into Charlie's room while he's screaming/napping (sometimes they are one in the same) to guard and comfort him.  Can't handle the cuteness.  

And we went to the beach today.  And that was awesome.  Except that I'm pretty sure Amber and Gary were there next to us in all of their trashy glory.  At least it gave us something to talk about.

And at least the baby's still cute.

Thank you, thank you very much. 

And Matt's birthday is tomorrow, and he has requested that, in addition to the dinner of Fresh Market ribeyes, I take Charlie to lunch at Back in the Day Bakery tomorrow and bring him back a sandwich.  That way he can sleep in (and I get to spend some time at my favorite little spot in the SAV).  Win win win win bacon jam.

Back to school on Monday (like, for a long haul) and I'm nervous about it and a little sad and a little scared and a little happy.  Trying to soak up as much summer fun as I can in these last days.  And trying to dodge the army of frogs that probably has it out for me.  Shoot.

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